For Sale List - Accepting Trades

X-Arcade 2 player base with 2 comp sticks (no buttons): 60$ shipped

Custom Ps2 Arcade Stick: Seimitsu Stick/Sanwa buttons

Stick on the left… there is some minor damage because there were screws added to the bottom to keep the bottom closed. Stick came to me broken a year and a half… shipped it to paik4life who fixed it.

120$ shipped

MTG cards: random set… has bayou and clone and afew others… 40$ shipped

2x happ competition sticks: 15$ shipped each… 25$ for the both

X-Box console: 80$ shipped

Unsharpened samurai wakasashi… needs polishing: 50$ shipped

Magic Box Converter: 50$ shipped

Martialarts/Ninjutsu book collection:

Book of 5 rings: musashi
Path Notes of an American Ninjutsu Master: Morriss
Taijutsu- Art of unarmed combat: Charles daniels
Be Like Water: Joseph Cardukki
Clouds In The West: Lowry
Secrets from the Ninja Grandmaster: Massaki Hatsumi
Essence of Ninjutsu: Massaki Hatsumi
The Grandmaster’s Book of Ninja Training: Massaki Hatsumi
The Way Of The Ninja: Massaki Hatsumi
Ninjutsu History And Tradition: Massaki Hatsumi
The Mystic Arts of the ninja: Hayes
The Ninja and their secret fighting art: Hayes

250$ shipped for the set… books are getting rarer and rarer…

Looking to trade for:
Japanese or American Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike PCB, CPS3 System… Version A
Money…paypal or money order
Used arcade cabinets with large control panels

you going to evolution?

yep i am, i’ll bring that DC controller.

How does the PS stick play? You said it was slightly damaged, but if it isn’t serious I would totally be interested in it. Could I swap out the stick art?

you can swap it out with ease, just take the buttons out, and the plexi comes right off.

it just has normal wear and tear from playing with it… minus the screws in the box i had to put in.

PM sent


No offense Colin… but if you plan on opening another for sale thread with your stuff… please BE READY to SEND IT with tracking as soon as you receive payment… no excuses like you going to your grandmas for a week and stuff… be responsible.

i mean you did good with sending me my cds and other people stuff… but you have a bad rep here as a seller… nows the time to bring that back up… i mean taking like almost 2 months to send me my stuff was rediculous… just giving you a heads up.

and whats the lowest you go for on that red stick… i have a friend that may be interested but thats a little much for that stick cuz i remember it… does it still have the LS -32 in stalled in it… take a picture of the inside sir and let me know your price.

hit me up if you need any tech work in trade for that magic box.
(well, if its the one that can do Saturn to xbox)