For Sale - Madcatz TE 2 Fightstick for PS3/PS4 with extras


Hello all,

Selling my spare TE2 Fightstick for the PS3/PS4 that I haven’t used for a few months now that I bought a Qanba fightstick. I replaced the stock buttons with some Sanwa Clear Buttons with Silent Pads, and since the low quality plexiglass Madcatz shipped with these sticks. I went ahead and bought Art’s plexiglass to replace it. I will be asking for $200 shipped because it’s going to cost me probably $30 dollars or so to ship this thing out because of size and weight. Needs to go, shoot me a PM if interested, and please be Paypal Verified. Thanks for looking!


PM sent


PM replied to!




I got it today. Its awesome. Thanks.