For Sale (New Brand) NEO GEO STICK 2 for Wii !AVALABLE!

I would like to ask $60 with in ready shipped international
A designed copy from original AES (old style) Joystick.

Please. Only

Price reduce!

NEO-GEO stick 2 compatibility with Virtual Console on Wii and SNK games on Wii

**The stick is wireless, the stick connector plug to wii remote! **


In development

-SNK Arcade Classic Vol.1
-King Of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga

  • Samurai Shodown Anthology

I don’t have Wii system. : (

Its such a cool stick OP, why not keep it, and use it once you have a Wii. I would like it, but I can’t afford it, and don’t have a Wii either lol.

Yeah, I feel fortune, next generation Wii 2 will compatibility backward games from Wii old disc game. Because Wii system is successed in world!

I’ll put up price my wii neo geo stick 2. :wgrin:

bump… reduce price $60 :sweat:


I drop on Amputekthure. I send two time to him but he is not anwser it.

Wii Neo Geo Stick is avalable! the item with shipped international be cost $60

Wow, I would love that stick. I will have to wait and see how much I get for my next paycheck.