For sale one mvc2 cab, one 3s cab and one cvs2 board

the cabs are cocktail side by side cabs

anyone interested?

Price? Condition? Location? Pics? Shipping options?

I’m interested in possibly all 3 items.


Please give price and pics.

whoa how much you want for that cvs2 board?

the stuff is in very good condition. im selling them to make room in my cyber cafe. im asking for 2.5k for each cab and 700 for the board. will update soon with pics

And where are these located?

brockville ontario canada

Brand new it probably cost you way more than what you’re selling for, did you make any money from these machines??

i made money but i could make more money by putting in some more computers and another console gaming station. as well the place is pay by the hour format so coin operated machines were not making people happy

oh I see.

That’s pretty cool, goodluck.

pics should be coming tomorrow

sorry guys but i had a death in the family, i will be posting pics up soon


what kinda gas mileage those cabs get? and does the flux capacitor still work?

i just opened the place in april and noone plays them, thats why im getting rid of them. very very low mileage.