For Sale: Pre-modded TE Sticks (PS3 and 360 compatible!); $190+S&H

Update: All sticks are sold. Thanks for looking, though!

I’ve got two pre-modded MadCatz TE Round 2 Fightsticks for sale. They are XBOX360 sticks that have been modded with Toodles ChImp board. I’m asking for $190 plus shipping and handling, but I can negotiate. If you’re interested just send me a message via the forum and we’ll discuss things further.

If you live in the Savannah, GA area we can exchange goods for cash in-person. Otherwise, There’s a $25 shipping fee to anywhere within the continental United States (haven’t looked into shipping to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska just yet – working on that).

I ship the stick as soon as I receive payment.

Comes in the original box, complete with certificate and headset adapter and all that jazz!

The original chord is in-tact and still goes through the compartment.

Here’s a shot of the stick, open:

And a close-up of the wiring job:

I’ll take the one with solder on the bezel!!! How do we do this? lol.

I’m Interested in buying one, Please email me at I want the one that doesn’t have any cosmetic damages.

Yuri: check your mail. Also, updated my original post for clarity.

Update and a bump!
The stick with the minor cosmetic fault has been sold. There are two sticks remaining

Shows over, folks! All the sticks are taken.