For Sale: PS1 Games

[LEFT]I have some PS1 games for sale. They include their original cases, instructions, and the discs themselves have obvious play wear, but again, they still play fine. My asking price is $5 per game (before shipping), but that amount is negotiable. If you buy the entire lot, I’ll cut you a deal. I prefer Paypal as the primary method payment, but I will also accept money orders (no cash or checks).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Here’s a list of what I’m selling:[/LEFT]
[][LEFT]Ape Escape[/LEFT]
]Duke Nukem Total Meltdown
[]Ghost in the Shell
]Gran Turismo
[]Gran Turismo 2
]Metal Gear Solid (Greatest Hits)
[]MTV Music Generator
]Tekken 2 (Greatest Hits)
[*]Tekken 3
If you’re hesitant about buying from me because of my small feedback score, I have buy/sell/trade feedback on another forum I frequent:
TFW2005 Junkion Exchange Feedback - Satomiblood

I also have eBay buyer/seller feedback dating back to 2003:
eBay - Satomiblood

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Bump. The Patlabor and Shin Getter 1 Revoltechs have been sold.

Only Gaiking is left.

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EVA-01 Type F has just been sold.

Macross Regult has been sold.

Price on Fraulein Futami Ami has been reduced.

Dropped the Fraulein price again (now $15 shipped).

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Payment sent for Lagaan

Lagann has been sold.

No. 060 Enki has been sold.

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