For Sale: PS3 games - Call of Duty 4, NBA 2k9, Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3

I have sold a HRAP3 joystick here on SRK to YellowS4 and some shoes on Niketalk. All games will be double packed with bubble wrap and shipped from Canada or the US (depending where you live, I travel back and forth from Vancouver to Seattle).

I have 4 PS3 games for sale. All games are free of scratches and are stored in their original casing in a non-smoking home. Asking prices are as follows:

Call of Duty 4 GOTY edition was bought in January of 09 and used lightly. ** $33 shipped**
NBA 2k9 was bought in December of 08 and used lightly. $15 shipped
Resident Evil 5 was bought in April and played less than 7 times. ** $43 shipped**
Fallout 3 was bought in May and played once, so it is pretty much new. $46 shipped.

Please don’t lowball me, I don’t accept trades neither. If you need pictures with a tag, just ask. Thanks for viewing!

**I accept PAYPAL only, I’m paypal verified. **

bump, prices negotiable.

this has nothing to do with the sales, but i love the avatar!