For sale: PS3 Madcatz SE Fight Stick w/ Sanwa buttons and JLF


I just got this and decided I REALLY didn’t need 2 sticks after all. I don’t mind keeping it either but I thought I would see what I could get for it here. lol The case/pcb weren’t even used but a few times, JLF modded with extra spring, black ball top and octo gate all buttons are sanwa. I’ll also include a copy of SF IV for PS3 for an extra 10, but I’m going to assume that everyone here already has that. :wink:

75 shipped. Will be shipping from Syracuse, NY.


sup ferris its superleo from wcg lolz


lol hey man. :wink:


I know this is a long shot … but do you still have an extra stick avaliable? Needing some parts to fix mine here in cuse.

I’d gladly pay for some parts or take a stick off your hands for $75 if you have an extra still.

Let me know even if you have a buddy you know. I’m dying here without my Street Fighter!