For Sale. Sanwa Modded Namco

Selling A classic Namco with JLF, Sanwa OBSN-30’s and a PSone PCB solderless hack for wiring.

I originally modded it using the Hori stick, but for some reason, the actuator kept disagreeing with me. So, it has the full JLF in it, with the hole in the bottom plate for required movement.

The case is practically in mint condition. One minor scuff near the Start button and 2 very minute marks near the L1 button, on the front facing.

This has been tested and works flawlessly using my PS3, Pelican adapter and CvS 2.

Asking $115 + $15 for shipping within the 48 continental United States.

PayPal only please. Sorry, but no trades wanted.

Oh my god, shipping only in the U.S.

Don’t do this to me man!

I guess I can do Canada. I’ve never shipped anything there before…And my wife is from there and family still lives there…/bonk.

So, if you want to work something out on shipping, we can give it a whirl.

Sure, how much for shipping in Canada?

Check PM’s please, sir. :smile: Need a zip code to check prices.


PM sent, also whats the link for the prices? I didn’t see any.

aw man you sure you dont wanna ship to Europe, pretty pleasseee

In chats with Centennial. If it falls through, I can definitely check the possibilities. :smile:

aight, consider me 2nd in line, ive done business with akuma001 before if you want to check my rep.

Alright payment sent and pending, yea yea!

you suck centennial

i wanted it

Don’t you already have a VSHG or something?

i need a ps2 stick

You could always make a WTB thread, it’s not like they’re gonna gouge you for all your worth.

i might, sall good though. enjoy the stick dude.

Item received! Looks good! Thanks!