For Sale: Sanwa / Seimitsu parts

I am looking for someone who will buy most off this, smallbuys will be eaten up buy PayPal-fees :/. PM me your what you want to buy (I ship this from Sweden).

LS-32 = 14US$
LS-40 = 14US$
LB-30 = 1US$
LB-35 = 1US$
LB-45 = 1US$
LB-39 = 1.80US$
PS-14-P = 2.5US$
DS-412 = 1US$

JLW-UM-8 (with bat and circular restrictor) =
JLF-TP-8Y = 18US$
OBSF-30 = 2US$
OBSF-30RG = 4.5US$
LB-35 = 2US$

PM sent.