For Sale: SDCC '09 Sagat Scar FightStick 76/250 PS3

Hey guys,

I’m selling my FightStick on ebay, it’s for PS3 and is basically brand new. I took it out once to test it. I wanted to give you guys a heads up as I figure you’re the community that would most like to know about it. I’m not a particularly good SSFIV or SFxTK player, but I’d love to play some casuals sometime with anyone! I’m RyoHUmar on PSN.

For those of you interested, a link to the stick is below:

If you want to sell things go here

Those things are worth 700+ to the right buyer. With ebay you might get ~500.

Wow! I sure hope I can get somewhere near that much! I actually had no idea!

Member does not meet requirements to sell on SRK. Closing.