For Sale: Sega Astro City (SoCal Pickup Only)

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to put my Sega Astro City cabinet for sale for $150 PICK UP ONLY!

I’ve built myself a supergun, and I really dont have space to hold this thing anymore :frowning:

The cab is pretty old, I had bought this from Arcade Infinity around 6 years ago.

I’m located in Southern California, near the Pasadena/Alhambra area.

The cab has a few hiccups and needs some slight repair (sound).

**So I’d much rather sell this to someone who is knowledgeable with arcade hardware or anyone **familiar with electronics.

A few details about the cab:

-Slight burn in from previous games, completely unnoticeable when playing.
The colors are still bright and vibrant, Vampire Savior looks gorgeous.

-The output sound from the speakers is very low, you can still hear the
game sound, but the volume knob I think is broken.

-At times the Harness doesn’t properly display all the RGB video signals, so you need to tug
on the harness a bit to get all the colors to display properly. This is not a problem if the
harness is stationary.

-Key is included to lock the control panel.

-CPS2 kick harness included.

-2 player control panel, I only have 1P wired up with Seimitsu buttons and LS-56 stick.

-AFter playing for about 15-20min, the speakers start producing a hissing noise.

Aside from that the cab is fully functional and playable.


Feel free to PM or Reply for any additional Questions or If you wish to stop by to come check it out.

Thanks Again!

Here are some Photos:

dam thats a steal if u would ship i would take it

PM’D!!! First dibs!!!

$150 thats a steal! didnt see it fast enough :shake:

i woulda had dibs if he woulda shipped it :frowning:

I saw this when he post in General Discussion.
And I’m closer. :wgrin:

I would buy it to restore if I was closer.

I think I’m too late, next in line if anything falls through

want!!!pm’ed is it available? will pick up now!!!

Sorry guys sold to Toshinu.