For Sale: Seimitsu/Happ/Hori Parts - MAS/Hori Tekken 5 Sticks

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Seimitsu Bundle: ($Sold)

Hori Bundle: (ON HOLD for HMD)

-All items from a Hori Tekken 5 stick, lightly used, in very good condition.

01x Hori joystick (Red).

08x Red 30mm Snap-in buttons.

02x Yellow 24mm Snap-in buttons.

Stick Front
Stick Back
Buttons View 01
Buttons View 02

Happ/USA Bundle: ($25.00)

-All items are used in good condition.

02x HAPP Competition Arcade Sticks.

11x Generic (Non HAPP/Cherry micro-switch) buttons.

01x Generic extra button without micro-switch.

Sticks View 01
Sticks View 02
Generic Buttons

MAS Arcade Stick (Dreamcast): ($55.00)

-MAS stick is well used but in perfect working order. It’s artwork has been removed with the intention of adding custom artwork but that never happened.

-All hardware (stick + buttons) are genuine HAPP products. Competition joysticks and Happ concave pushbuttons w/Cherry micro-switches.

-Originally setup for dual systems - Dreamcast and Saturn. I don’t own a Saturn and didn’t want two cords sticking out, so I de-soldered the Saturn PCB and re-wired stick as Dreamcast Only. Saturn PCB is included.

-The back cover of the stick was in poor physical condition, so I replaced it with a custom fabricated heavy guage steel backplate. It adds a lot of weight to the stick, so please keep that in mind. I also originally glued the “feet” on the back cover, but they slipped off, so I screwed them in via backplate mounting screws. There is adhesive residue where the “feet” were originally positioned.

-Two button holes and one start/select button hole were filled with bondo to match the number of available buttons on the Dreamcast controller. Bondo can be removed with a bit of work, but will not accidentally pop out.

-Included is a free PS1 DualShock PCB, the kind meant for solderless hacks. I tried a solderless hack and it turned out sloppy, so I dicthed it and went for soldered instead (I find soldering a pretty simple and clean process). The PCB contacts where the wires stick in are full of either wire or glue - NFC if this can even be used at this point, but it’s yours for free.

-For a small fee, I can replace the heavy back metal plate with a clear plexiglass cover instead. I have some scrap plexi available, so I can make one from that if you prefer.

Front View 01
Front View 02
Back View
Open View01
Open View 02
Saturn PCB
Sony PCB 01
Sony PCB 02

Tekken 5 Ultimate Collectors Edition Arcade Stick: ($Sold)

NVM friend doesnt need anymroe

I’ll take the Seimitsu bundle. PM sent.

Man… that might be one ugly-ass stick, but if everything works perfectly, it’s a sweet deal.

Inquiring about shipping to (zipcode) 452XX. Possible other questions later.

Oh ya, she’s ugly, but she knows how to play. Thats why I love her. :smiley:

Sort of reluctant to let her go, but I use my Seimitsu hardware sticks more often now, so I hate to see the stick being ignored. Might as well give her a good home.

Once the buyer puts some new art on there, it’s gonna look great. It’s rock solid, and I made the back plate at work (in a tool & die shop, so it’s no hack-job) and it adds a very respectable heft to the stick.

I’ve gotten a few requests for it so far, and it seem shipping to most anywhere in the USA is gonna be ~20-30 bucks.

If buyer #1 backs out or doesn’t respond it goes to whoever’s next in line.