**For Sale** SF3:3S Gamest Limited Edition pack in Mook

I’m selling the Gamest Mook that was included in the Limited Edition PS2 release.
It is unopened MINT condition…I can’t read Japanese so it’s useless to me. Lots of info and charts and concept art as well.
Was originally two seperate Mooks now re-released as one HUGE book.

I’ll ship it to anyone in the continental US for $40…if you want the LE Box it came packaged in it’s yours as well…I have no need for it.


you should throw in the DVD for $40…sounds expensive

its worth it, every kind of frame data ok you got karathrow but every BnB is in it, some fun combos resets and shit funny comics :wink: they got em all, its like a whopping 200 pages or something?

It’s a huge book with lots of Data
I’m really only asking $30 and adding $10 to cover the shipping (it’ll be heavy)


A little off topic LT, but how was the DVD that came with the package? I just got the normal release, and about a week after I did, I wish I would have splurged and gotten the LE

It’s really well made and great for beginners who need to see things like effective uses of the Kara cancels (throws, DPs, etc), great examples of how Parries effect the frame rate (recovery wise)and some really good VS matches. The combos section was limited (usually just 2-3 combos per character and the first one is alway something stupid like cr.Forward xx Hadoken) and then there is the Edit mode combo exhibition (flashy but useless).

REALLY well designed especially for the beginner and the layout in which it is presented makes it really easy to tell what is happening even if you don’t understand Japanese.

Good DVD but I was done with it after just one time…now the Puzzle…it’s top tier !


frame data for Hugo are missing… weird…

Liquited you’ve got a pm ^^;