For Sale: Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 + assorted console games

Alright, back in bidness.
I have a FUCKTON of games that I wanna get rid of. I will give you games if you give me dat money, money. Yeuh, yeuh. Note, however, that all of the manuals for these games are gone unless I say otherwise. Also, the only method of payment I accept is PayPal. If you ain’t got dat PayPal, then I got nothing for you.

Got some GOOD things on sale, strangah!

GameCube games:
Animal Crossing (Player’s Choice edition): $12
Custom Robo (EB Games sticker that I can’t remove): $10.
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Original, pre-Player’s Choice edition, manual intact, high condition): $25

PlayStation 2 games:
Fighter Maker 2 (Never used. Never even TOUCHED.): $12
Final Fantasy X (Original, pre-Greatest Hits issue. Mint condition.): $25

Nintendo 64 games: None of them come with their boxes or manuals, so don’t ask.
Mario Kart 64: $10
Mario Golf: $5
Wave Race 64: $10
Harvest Moon 64: $12

Game Boy Advance games: Again, all I bought when I got these games was the pure raw cartridges. No manuals, no boxes.
Tales of Phantasia: $15
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap --$15
Advance Guardian Heroes: $25. I’m only charging so much because this game is RARE. AS. FUCK.
Lady Sia: $2

That’s all I’ve got right now.
Come back anytoim!

PM sent, can you post prices though of what you want. please don’t ask for offers. its in the rules

holy fuck

how much for all those donkey kongs

or at the very least, #2

Could you put that SNES on hold? I might be interested in it but I wont know until later today.

Can do, buckaroo!
As of right now, the SNES is on hold until Chaos gets back to me.

Sorry, you dont have to hold the SNES for me anymore. I had a friend who just got an appartment want was looking to get a system but they decided to go with something more recent like a PS2.

I’m running low on PS2 memory card space, so can you put the card on hold for me for the next couple of days(it may be as long as an hour or two) so that I can get some dough in my new paypal account to pay you.

Sure thing, dude. Sounds like a dealio.

I’m going to have to let the card go. I mean what good is paypal if you don’t have a bank account to actually send the money.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak. Oh well. Everything’s still up for le grabs, people!
EDIT: Basically, my very life depends on you guys. I’m broke, and I’m really damn hungry.

As an update: The memory card and all of the Donkey Kong games are on hold for peoples. Once I get gotten back to about that…then I’ll continue my updates!

Alrighty, everything on the list is for sale again. Righteous.

Bumpin this shit, son.

pm sent! =)

Are those with or without Shipping?

Without. I’ll pay for shipping myself. It’s hella cheap in New Orleans.

Hey i’m getting my bank verified with PayPal. Can you put a 24 hr. hold on the PS2 CvS2?

Man, I gotta eat…

Willing to go down a little on Fighter Maker 2? I have the cash, but I was wondering if you can knock down the price a little.

Depends. It doesn’t cost much to ship it, but I do have to make a profit here. How much do you need the price to be lowered?