For sale: Tokidoki PS2 Hori Stick, Inpin and dreamcast


So im out of jail, but i have all kinds of fees and bills I have to pay now. So i have to sell acouple things i have laying around

-Hori T5 joystick. I modded this stick, everything works perfectly, no issues. Has qds for the buttons and harness for the stick.
Stick has LS56, pink bubble top, (6) ps-14-kns, (2)ps-14-dns. Start and select buttons have been moved to the back of the stick.
Im looking for $140 +shipping (SOLD)
-for an additional $15 ill include an inpin adapter so you can play on the ps3 lag free (SOLD)

-Next i have a dreamcast. It works perfectly and can read back ups without any trouble. You will get the DC, power cord, av cables(not pictured), VMU and all the random backups that i have. games like mvc2, cvs2, third strike, etc. The only thing, is it doesnt have a controller, mine broke. but you get them dirt cheap.
asking $40 +shipping

PRICES ARE OBO, so make me an offer, as long as its reasonable. I need to try and sell these soon.
thanks for looking guys.


Sup AJ, glad to see you are back. Good luck with whatever you got going on.


I’m really liking that stick and tossing the inpin with it is pretty hot. PM sent.


realyst- thanks alot bro. It feel really good to be back. lol

brandino- Pmed you back


Was about to ask about just the inpin, but Brandino beat me to it. Glad you’re out and about, hope you get shit squared away.


Stick and inpin pending to brandino

kit-Thanks alot man, just trying to get everything back on track


Payment sent!


Thanks Brandino, received paymant.

Now i just need to sell the dc, price drop to $40 + shipping


Hey dude, welcome back! Are you still doing stick modding? I need a 360 hori Tekken 6 stick modded w/ jlf and sanwa buttons, if possible. Let me know, thanks!