For some that don't know this about 3rd Strike

This is the highest grade by far you can receive from the game:


I’ve known this guy 3 years and he’s been doing that for almost that long…I’ve actually sat and watched him get it on more than one occasion. Shit…the best cpu grade I’ve ever got was a “SS” and a “S++” overall but he can do that in his sleep…he’s VERY good against the cpu and I’ve seen him get an “A” on people. Not to that mention he’s good at DDR with getting “As” and “AAs”. Check out this site for more:


I didn’t know about XS+, what’s that, between S++ and SS?

Obviously, this promotes him to hero status.

I wish I could be that cool.

I saw a Hugo player get XS+++ at school once. He parried, like, everything and dealt major stun, if I remember correctly.

without the pluses, it’s E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, XS, MSF.

first time i got MSF i was jumping for joy :lol:. that was 3 or so years ago, i used SA2 Ken.

now, i get MSFs regularly, 3-4 or more. i get them vs. Gill too :lol:.

highest i’ve gotten vs. a human opponent is an S+ using Dudley.

strakka = hero status.


First time I saw you MSF the cpu, you were using Makoto.

I was thinking, “damn that must be so boring for you doing that Karakusa trap over and over”. :rofl:

Explain to me how to get an MSF ??


i got XXX ahahhahaha on my porn vids!!


that’s 'cuz i can get 8+ million doing that stuff.

Terence always got around 7.8 using Yun, so i had to beat it :lol:. with Ryu highest i can get is around 7.6. same with Dudley. so i had to resort to the good stuff.


Nonono. I don’t rush down arrows. So no hero status for me. :sad:

And you forgot that you can get G & F on the overall grades. So no hero status for you either!


I just got my first ever XS++ last night. It probably woulda been an MSF but I didn’t use supers to finish my opponent :xeye:

My average grade playnig computer is an E.

But let’s not forget that i’ll kill all of you in 3s.

The game isnt about what grade you bet. 3s at a high level of play results in a low grade anwyay because of all the charging for meter, which involves whiffs. So don’t get caught up on the grade system. But congrats on getting MSF, which isn’t the highest grade in 3s believe it or not.

Really? Please, would you mind enlightening me and everyone else that replied to this topic? I really thought that MSF is the greatest, but if what you’re saying is true than I would like to know.

hah SWEET A grade! fucking faggot scrub…

The highest final grade in Third Strike is not MSF, not XS, it actually isn’t even a letter. It’s a 3d silver “Infinite” sign.

i’m not joking.

Oh yeah?! When and where did you see this symbol and how do you get it? You wouldn’t have a picture of this would you? I would really like to see this.


I get it all the time, maybe.

Yeah you guys all think i’m joking. If Mopreme saw this thread he’d back me up.