For the five people that care: UMK3 announced for Xbox Live Arcade

…plus some other crappy Midway titles.


I mainly decided to post because your AV is top tier. :tup:

umk3 was a pretty decent game, i would give it a shot if i had a 360. Kind of sad that I am more impressed with live arcade with hf and umk3 than anything else the 360 has to offer

It sounds like so much fun. To play UMK3 across something besides Kaillera. At this point I usually opt to just not play versus playing over Kaillera because of the quality issues.

I’d say I’m wondering what gameplay will be like over XBL, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t have the disposable cash to buy a 360 just for this and, well, there’s no other reason to :frowning:

This is the best news I’ve read all day. And I’m one of the few people who like UMK3 over MKII because of the faster paced gameplay and the bitchen’ dial-a-combos!

you know what else has me excited? The fact that these games are from Midway. Isn’t Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance for Xbox Live pretty lag free? I’ve heard it’s by far the least laggable fighting game out of all of them whether 2D or 3D. If this is the case isn’t it safe to assume Midway has the net code for Xbox Live down to a science, and that we can expect UMK3 to have little to no lag?


Can’t wait, UMK3’s tourny scene will be back, maybe this is a gift from the Prophet.

Good shit.

This is going to rawk :slight_smile: Any ETA?

Fuck you. Paperboy is better than all MK games put together.

paperboy2>the bitchass haters like you! :cool:

anyway MKD was lagless since it was 3D,most 2D xboxlive games lag since its harder to transfer sprites of some shit?

i wonder who is that 5 people that care :rolleyes:

Got 'em riled up now. :badboy:

For me, Paperboy was in the same tier as Smash TV- good every now and then, but ultimately forgettable.

I’m surprised we haven’t heard from Namco about XBL Arcade titles. Where’s Pac-Man and Galaga, dammit?

Also- Ikaruga, if it’s possible.

I want Hydro Thunder for live. That’s a racing franchise that really, really deserves a sequel.

Is this only for those that have the 360 or does it also include the Xbox owners as well?

Root Beer Tapper FTW

Paperboy OST > you

Maybe 5 people on this site, but I know at least 100 casual - competitive players who are excited about it, but many of them not excited about having to buy an Xbox to do it.