For The Love Of God Help Me With Izuna Drop!

After sitting down for the past 15 minutes and only being able to pull this off ONCE I’m a little frustrated.

A Dreamcast FAQ for Vega it said that to do the Izuna drop you press down and punch when you get “within throwing range”. The Command list says “after jumping from the wall, other than ^ + punch while near an opponent”

HUH?!?! Every time I press down and punch near an opponent I just do the slash. I need help.

Somebody please simplify this move for me. I’m going insane. Really.

It’s towards or away + punch.

IIRC, it was only done with down in CE.

And when exactly do you do it? I can’t seem to get the timing down.

When you drop down next to them… Right before you land.

It’s hard to describe timing with text. See the attachment.

Hey thanks!!!
That really helps.

You have to do it almost exactly as you land. Makes sense now.

Woohoo! Off to practice some more. :smiley:


Tried to use it in online play and got OWNED.
I mean, thats to be expected but uhh…hehe.
Can’t seem to get the timing down vs. a live opponent.
I think I’ll probly give up on Vega. :frowning:

You really don’t need the Izuna Drop to play Vega.

It’s a good move to have, but I hardly ever use it. Maybe once or twice per match and sometimes not at all.

You’ll get hit every time if you get predictable with it or go for it too much.

Actually my problem seems to be that I can’t get that down-up motion perfect.

I’m in the middle of a fight, try to use it and just end up standing there kicking/jumping for a while. Same with Bison and the head stomp. Arg.

The red impact is your best super to use in many situations. The super version of the izuna drop is kind of a rare thing in CvS2 I think.

The only time you will get a super inzuna drop on someone is if they are

  1. Dizzy
  2. A scrub
  3. Rolled
  4. Fuck up somehow, got grabbed, and should be smacked because that super hurts and is so easy to avoid.
    Other than those things there is no way you are gonna get that on at least a decent player. You have more luck grabbing them with the regular version.

I have gotten more of the hang of it now…and I love to play mind games with turtles. Will he hit, or throw? Its fun! And it has worked a few times. I’m gonna keep practicing with it. I figure mixing it up between the jump off the wall flying punch/izuna drop/punch…drop will keep people on their toes fighting my Vega.

My Live CvS2EO rank is N and ive got rank F’s & D’s (prolly all Disco’ dip shits :rolleyes: ) in the Izuna and Super Izuna. the key is to work out if they are prepared while your in the air, if they look ready land it short if there looking scared or confused folow it through. As for the timing i think i normaly do it as Vega’s head is dropping just past theirs.

Think of the Izuna Drop as something like Rolento’s wall jump for runaway purposes. It has zero use as an attack.

its is much better to go for the Red Slash rather then the Izuna Drop in almost every situation

A good way to cross up opponents with the izuna drop is to vary which way you go when you first start. Then you just have to get the timing down on the grab. Just look and see what theyre doing. Also try to get on the other side of the opponent with the grab as it is tricky for the opponent to judge what you are going to do and it is easier for you to execute the grab (just keep holding the direction in which you are going) Even against decent opponents who know its coming i can still pull one or two off each round it took FOREVER to get the timing down though

Good Izuna Drop

When I was playing on Live (K-groove as always) I got raged against a Bison. Also, my team was Random, so possibly my opponent couldn’t tell how good I was with the characters.

So anyway, as soon as my Rage-gauge activated. He turtled up, and decided to let my timer go out, so from across the screen, I did the db,df,db,uf+K super, and Izuna Dropped him. I didn’t do one d,u+K with Vega the whole match, up until that point.

Also, he was recorded dropping at the end of the match. I can’t wait to show all these videos when I get the right hardware.

Tip on Izuna Drop

Press f/b+P not U+P… The latter never seems to work, at least on CvS2 EO. I seriously press U+P just inches from the ground, and he stabbed them instead (never did it at all, pressing u+P). But my execution went up by like 80-90% pressing F/B+P

I usually do the izuna drop when they jump at me in the corner, with Lev3 of course, the fisrt invisivility frames will pass the oponent’s atack and gocha foooool.

Just postin’ to help out. I prolly use this move more than anyone. I use it as effectively as I have in ST. The most obvious point that I think is necessary and is missing here is the fact that you grab from the side. You don’t grab from above them or from below them. Also, I’m quite sure that the super version has less grabbing range. Either way, a rule I follow is to not hit the button until I’m on the side of them(unless I’m slashing).

That should help yall to understand how to control it better for higher success. It really is an underrated move. But as it has been said, it’s not needed. I consider it highly valuable when rushing down though. However, you must use it when the opponent has little time to react or move(like after a knockdown where you can zig zag over them to mess up their joystick motions or 2in1ing from the corner).