For the love of god stop snitchin. Hot teacher fired over student sex scandal...(pics leaked)

Its shit like this that lets me know how completely and utterly worthless teens are these days. here is yet again another case of a male snitching on a female teacher. what is this new creation of young men these days that cant bask in the glory of fucking a nice older piece of ass as a youngin. im speechless for now. check the link for the story. go to wshh for the vid link to the pics. HOT FUCKING BODY. nice cans, and this ugly nigga just decided to go on twitter and ruin her life. i seriously hope he gets shot in the head and burned. you sir are a useless human being

im depressed. lol

he retweeted this. face palm. im so sad for black people right now. :frowning:

CoupeLife_Eazy ‏[S]@[/S]OnlyE_Rob
[S]@[/S]CSFRadioDZ [S]@[/S]DubVeeU u good bruh bruh, these crackers can’t hold you back! They mad another white woman fell victim to the black snake lol
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What an ungrateful dick. He just ruined it for all the other dudes in that school that she was probably banging

He just ruined it. Fucking dumbass blabbing to everyone in the world about banging a teacher.

Fucking black people.

teens are stupid as fuck, this is not new.

am i allowed to post the pastebin link in here to their public profiles like fb, twitter, etc…?

damn, nvm

Fuck he bragging he just ruined this woman’s life and for what? Because she’s a little loose with the goods? Who gives a damn. This poor woman will NEVER teach again.

Sad sad day for the real men that know how to keep they mouth shut and for the real educators that wouldn’t be so foolish to sleep with a student in the first place. Yes she’s at fault too but my heart goes out to her.

lol wut. nigga this is a story from virginia. read the link first before talking

man, shorty is going to lose her sorority connects, her little business is going to go under fo sho, and she is going to get brought up on charges most likely. while this little piece of shit is on a cruise ship right now lol’ing it up with his other corny ass friends who think its awesome. lets say at worst case, she stopped fucking with him and played his face. you sensitive hoe ass nigga, just take an L. i wonder if he will get in trouble for releasing those pics though?

this nigga calling himself a victim, she deserved it, and all this jazz. smh. man, what a horrible display of teenage youth. im going through her blog now. she seems relatively normal.

Lil Jon needs to teach his kids better… smh

Back in the day this little twerp woulda got his ass kicked for bitchin out and clowns on twitter r givin him props? Worst of all is FEMALES givin him props. Stupid little girls don’t they realize if he had fucked them he prolly would told everyone bout that shit too. This classless worm.


I’m ashamed of my race.

Wow fuck this guy.

Dude didn’t snitch, he bragged. I don’t think he intended to get the teacher in trouble, but if I was tapping ass like that, I might testify.

Can’t defend him sending out those pictures though. That’s pretty stupid.

Another reason why shit like facebook and twitter are stupid as fuck smh. Shit spreads so fuckin fast due to that bullshit. Dumbass nigga

I would have hit it. Multiple times. No reason to brag. My boys would know about it, but I wouldn’t put it out there. Even if things soured, because then there is the option of make-up sex. We aren’t even talking some kid who’s 12 or some “I don’t know whats going on” age. This dude can VOTE.

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um, wut

"He tweeted: 'So y’all understand that she deserved this like? Do you understand she’s a raging s? I do, amen, amen, amen. Captain Time.’"***

God, I saw a sub story on the side titled “Boy tied to a tree and burned alive on his eighth birthday”.

Now I’m sad. :sad: