For The Love of RAMBO, I Need To Buy Surround Sound - HELP!

Hi Everyone,

My fiance and I bought RAMBO on BluRay and we’re hella hyped about watching people’s guts blow up. But we were hoping to have a surround sound set-up by now. Unfortunately, I’m a total noob and don’t know even where to begin searching, don’t know what to buy, don’t even know what to look for.

Please recommend me some speakers/gizmos & gadgets to buy.

Here’s what we have:

  • RAMBO !!! Part 1-4 on BluRay
  • PS3
  • Westinghouse HDTV 1080p LCD (lots and lots of connections in the back)

Here’s what we want:

  • Home theater surround sound. :rofl:

This’ll be our first sound unit, we’re not looking for something really fancy or top quality. At the same time, we don’t want anything that’s too cheap and poor quality. So somewhere in the middle is good for us.

We really like the style of these speakers:

But that unit is for a DVD player? That’s where I get confused. Can I use that for the PS3?

Also, are there wireless speakers? Pros/cons?

I’m so lost. So any advice, recommendations would really help. Thanks,

do you have a budget?
what size room?

yes you can use those speakers but if you are looking for a home theater in a box you’d get a better deal with something from onkyo or denon.

Ideal budget is about $600 - $800. Can go higher if needed.
It be in the living room but doesn’t need to cover entire room.
Sound area needed is small probably 10’ x 10’ ish

Would be really helpful if I can get recommendations to specific items.

I have a sony 5 cd changer that came with dolby 5.1 surround. It is sexy watching boxing and movies with it turned on, on my big screen. Didn’t i play you in the arcade in the houston tournament?

Link to sony item please (or model name/number).
Do you watch DVDs on it? or is it hooked up to HD/BluRay?

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Onkyo makes decent stuff, especially for the $500 dollar price range. You could probably get a full system. Fry’s tend to sell their “home theater in a box” bundles. KLH makes good and cheap systems too.

In this day and age, get a reciever that has multiple optical and coaxial inputs just to be on the safe side. for all your electronic info for real.

If you can afford it, you might want to get a 7.1 receiver with HDMI inputs to supplement your Ps3. HK, Denon and Sony are generally the way to go, though I don’t have any specific models off the top of my head.

I don’t know if you live next to an ultimate electronics but if you do they have really good deals on there infinity home systems(i think it’s like 599 with a reicever) and mirage both give a way better bang for the buck then any sony,kenwood,poineer or bose in my opinion and at my job this is all we talk about my co-worker is a home theater pro it’s been his passion for over 50 years. I was in the same predicament so I asked him to go with me and he made me realize not only is there a difference in sound but if you go look at the connections in the back you can tell the cheap ones from the nice screw ins take off the front screen you will see the difference like I said I’m so glad I took him cause we both work at an audio visual company and I thought I knew but I had no idea.

Try to buy a brand that focuses on stereo equipment like mirage,infinity,even boston aquistics but like I said really look and listen to them and decide what you need in the kind of space you’re using if it’s a small room you don’t need a huge system but, if it is you might need the bigger system to fill the room.

I know it’s hard but don’t be hasty and get that deal and system that you will enjoy to the fullest it’ll last forever and you’ll lest likely feel like the need to upgrade and spend more money by upgrading in the future.

Do you care about HD Audio?
What other HD equipment do you have (DVR, Xbox 360, etc.)?

I’ve seen the “home theater in a box” bundles and almost settled for one. But they include speakers and a DVD player. So I don’t know if I need the dvd player, or if it works with the PS3?

If I get a 7.1 system, can I also use it to play movies that only support 5.1?

HD Audio? What’s the alternative? I didn’t even know about that. :sweat:
Other items:

HD item - Xbox 360.
Non HD item - DVD player

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I haven’t actually tested it, but why not? Most likely it should be able to play even 2 channel sound only media. Either only the 5 speakers + sub will play or it will carry the same sound over to the unused speakers and make em louder.

If you go the bundle route, go for one that has a reciever + speakers. You don’t need a dvd player.

something like this would be good for a noob:

Just to give you an idea of what your price range can get you. Again, this not the best, but if you have never had a decent surround setup before then this should be enough to blow your mind and give you a good movie watching experience.

Sure, you can go to an AVS specific forum, but they are going to only recommend set ups that costs thousands at the very minimum. Something like what I linked you to should be more than enough to meet your needs.

Sony bundles are garbage please don’t get that please!

If you are just going to talk shit, at least provide something of a contribution. I only mentioned that bundle to give him an idea as to what he can get with the proposed budget. I don’t think I would get it either, but then again my standards and preferences are different from his.

Man I’m seriously not trying to start shit read my previous post I did put in. I checked out ultimate electronics that infinity system is 499 with a reciever and theres no comparison but thats just one deal theres plenty more I just hate sony’s system cause unless you go really high end they use really crappy parts. Once again homie not trying to start shit just don’t like to see anybody waist money.

One more time for those who CLAIM I did not put in.

I think you will need AVR (Audio/Video Receiver) + Good Quality main , surround, center & subwoofer speakers + Good quality Cables. The only problem with this setup is that you need to search for the components by yourself that can works best in your room and fit within your budget.

If you are not so sure about that then buy a home theatre in a box from either Panasonic or Yamaha.

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check this out.

Some home theater bundles come with a dvd player, and others a receiver. What’s the difference?

This is a really noob question, but what exactly is a receiver, and what does it do? What’s an example of a good one and a bad one? What are some things I should be looking at, and specs I should be comparing?

How much difference do the cable make? What brand or type is good / bad?