For the NW first!

You guys!! F*ck $175 per person! We have a mutual friend in Vegas with a huge crib and al the amenities but he’s leaving before Evo. He says he’ll give you guys all the time you need there with all the room you need!

I’m talking 24 hour spa and fitness plus tanning for FREE! Don’t want to spend too much on food? Go grocery shopping and use the fridge/oven/microwave/pantry. It’s in Summerlin. Check and see how great the area is. It’s also next to the 215 where you can bypass typical rushhour traffic, a true mercedes drive guys!

He doesn’t disriminate. He just wants to get everyone to evo as soon as possible. That means is you don’t think you can make it happen; cut out the excuses. He wants everyone to benefit!!

First come first serve. He had me post here first because most of you are good friends of his.

I’m not saying his name because he isn’t going to Evo so, if you’ve figured it out, you know he’ll do you right!!

There’s only one rule. No negativity in the house. Take a breather if you get heated. That’s all!

Dudes!! 2 showers, 3 sinks with vanities, hella storage space!!

He wants friends first, no matter what it takes. If you want the Oregon and Seattle to all show up, spread the word and this number: 1-626-818-9258

Yes, he’s in Cali but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it all!!

When you call, you know who to ask for!!! Don’t dog yourselves out because of money. He said you can eat the food that’s already stocked! Also, many top players are already showing up to practice there in secret.

X marks the spot!! 'Til all R 1!!!

p.s. I pm’d a guy from edmonton too! All for one, right!?! Hooray for Canada and pebbles polished by streams lol

Haha this looks so shady. You should try making your posts look less like phishing scams. Good shit though, I hope this can make the difference between going or not going for someone.

Are there a bunch of naked girls waiting for me in a hot tub also? Can I get an X-Box 360 from him just for filling out a quiz?

Am I already a winner?! :smiley:

You should clarify who you are talking about here so that people do not assume this a joke or troll attempt. :tup:

Fuck yes son!

My credit card number is in your PM box!

Fuck yes son!

ban this idiot

<<that is who i thought it was. too nice!>>

lol, wow! I get people to spread the word and it’s confusing. Well, somehow, I was able to access this account again today. It’s amazing or, how some fools put it, shaaaady when I can’t access my account for years and then randomly I get to now and then!! lol

Anyway yall, if you guys want to all make it, holla at me and since I’m usually blocked out of forums, spread the word to everyone.

Preppy!! You are the man at organizing so, I’ll leave it up to you for the Seattle bros. This is 13 years after we held the 1st net gathering of agsf2. It’s also 10 years since Tom, Tony, and Javi among others helped the first Vegas thang occur. This is a gathering like no other this year and if people want to pass it up because they would only have 100 in their pocket to enter when they got here, that’s up to them. We all see what we want to see so, if anyone wants to make it happen, I’m down to help.

Nothing shady in the light!!! My phone number AND the Wifey’s # is right here in broad daylight for all to see: 626-818-9258.

If I can ask your help, PrepDog, holla at Ray or Sam to help organize Oregon. Also, a lot was stolen within the last year so, if you can get my number to the likes of Duc Do, Watts, Valle, Thao, and others they would know I consider family, please refer them, somehow to this post.

This goes for NEONE that wishes they could make it but are on limited funds.

I’m also gathering the biggest and best Vegas crew ever. You saw one of the horseman take out Watts at FFA after ONE practice session. He was only supposed to place top 5 and beat Watson(because Watts is about to whoop on Japan!) and he did just that. I have bigger plans for this young G. Best believe there are 3 more who will do the impossible this year.

I’m organizing a lil MSC so Mr. Julien Beasly and your padawan’s are invited and that should go without saying.

If you guys want to make it happen, then do it. No effort leads to nothing. Preppy has shown you all what one guy can do for his community and I’m just trying to keep you all together. You guys welcomed me with open arms there and I want to give back. I’m leaving and can drop this place tomorrow to be where I’m going. Instead, friends convinced me to pull my resources like I used to. If that’s shady, you never knew me, yall

The True Apoc is back.

What you all have seen me post in the last 7 years was 50% BS on purpose.

Tom Cannon can verify my clue that I left in my password 7 years ago. Yeah, I can be strange, lol.

So here’s my proof that I meant to obscure my intent to create a balance. Anyone that calls me looking for help, I will give my password to my account which will tell you that I stopped posting normally 7 years ago. Hell, ask TnT for my password if you still don’t want to believe.

BUT!!!- anyone who gains my password(cuz it would most certainly be changed by administrators who misinterpreted the intent like I was misquoted in BTM(they should flip me upside down on my head in the end to see the truth. Just like the man with the keys had himself crucified upside down to send his message lol strong whut up to enlightened heads).

Anyone can be Apoc on SRK if they call me. Use it wisely because Apoc has a double meaning.
It can be a great cleansing by disaster or merely a great revealing brought on by insight. NEONE who calls better be wise.

Thanks to the bros in the NW and you Preppy, the Apoc of Washington as far as I’m concerned.

Peace, Love and Happiness fellas. I miss you all and am moving back soon,

Jason Mc Glone - of the Clan Mc Glone quite literally from the highlands.

I’m most definitely confused, but it’s tight you’re moving back if this is true. Seattle ST should be even crazier with you back. This is Mandel btw.

I figured it was you but didn’t want to rat you out in case you really wanted to keep things secret or something. Good looking out. :smile:

simplify this for me please?

nvm - just took a few moments to read. Apoc, i wanna play you in ST just to show you im not the same embarassment from ST Team Tourney in 2005!

i really hope your boy dont think hes hot. ill play him for any amount of money on a “working” cab with “sound” and ill play for real. kind of hard to play on a side that has no down back, no sound, and other directions are marginal. i know you are just trying to hype up your boy, but cmon now, im sure hes a cool guy, but there is no way your student can beat a man who owns his sensei. :slight_smile:

hope all is going good for you bro. i know youve seen some dark days and glad you are coming up. ill call you when i get a chance, pz

Just wanted to say sup Apoc:)

If he moves to NW again 206 ST is gonna be on some scary shit

Sounds like a cool guy. Maybe if I get good at some of these games, and hang around, I’ll get to meet him.

someone either watches too much fight club, or listens to too much icp. i can’t tell for sure.

Somebody else redirected me to this thread, and I need housing pretty badly lol. I’ll be coming from FL, and I’m going to need housing for all 3 days, and ill probably be leaving monday morning by greyhound.

if you have aim or a phone number I could contact you at that would be great. thanks a bunch. sorry im a bit new to this and I’m not exactly sure what to do lol.

Your avatar looks like a can of No Fear. What are you? A flying skull!?!? An enlightened skull and bones? A flying illuminati?

Poc’s fight club is Evo! Poc’s no insane clown but he does see psychics!!! lol

psh-hsi uh…hi

stop the tonto postings guy.

Sounds to me as though you’ve already met him. I hear he casts no shadow as well.

It’s possible! I’ve been around for a while. But I can never get the real names/SRK names straight, so I’m not even sure. :confused:

hahahaha… oh wow.

you’re just as bad as he is.

Which is why I put him in the red in the Evo forums a while back. Made an ass of himself there much worse, please believe.