For the Princess!-Arthur General Thread

I figured I’d start up this thread, since no one else had. Let us discuss all things related to our knight, from his strengths, weaknesses, and even little details that we admire (or don’t) about him.

As an Arthur main from the previous game, I’m happy that he’s pretty much the same, yet with a few tweaks here and there (cooler-looking projectiles, two or three new normals). Also happy that you get his blue color right off the bat, since that was what I rocked in Marvel 3.

I love arthur in this new game. The ability to tag cancel his specials gives him a whole new flavor. His super jump into down spike move is also going to be reallt tricky to defend against. Arthur is utility in a basket. Very happy with what theyve done with him even if he ends up being low tier.

One thing that really annoyed me in MvC3 was how Arthur’s daggers would straight out lose to Doom beam.

That no longer seems to be a problem, at least with the current cast. Between the revamped durability system and Arthurs height, grounded daggers either trade evenly with or even beat beam attacks (tested against Ms Marvel, Ultron and Iron man).

So what do his BnB’s look like.

Arthur and strider have some mad synergy:

When tagging, you can only cancel the tag once you get to where your point character tagged from… ie in the middle of the screen if the point tagged in the middle of the screen, or at the edge of the screen if the opponent tagged in from there.

Well with Arthur this creates a bit of a problem. If you go in with a point… like hulk for instance and then tag, Arthur will tag into where hulk was… which is probably close up.

Well we need a move that will move us to full screen quickly in this instance. And that’s what strider has…
He can teleport wall cling in an instant and that can be tagged into Arthur who is now at full screen and ready to start it up. Also, strider instead of moving backwards to get to the wall, can crossup his opponent and get to the wall on the other side of the screen.

This creates a nice little mixup every time strider does a wall cling. Will he tag to Arthur safely at full screen… or bait his opponent into anticipating the tag and rushing in, which strider can just wall kick for free…

Strider can also call eagle covering the air then tag and Arthur can cover the ground.

Arthur>strider synergy seems real good as well since it’s Arthur and he has screen controlling lockdown tools.

The time stone will definitely suit this team like crazy.



" / \ " means super jump

Cr.Light x2, cr.hp / \ jhp xx axe, land jhp xx axe, land jhp xx axe land jhp xx axe, land jhp,jhk, land, axe xx super.

That jhp xx axe loop is the shizzle and I figured it out all by myself. It’s super easy to do but have only tested it against ironman so don’t be mad if it isn’t universal or anything. Also, HSD will ramp up towards the end so you may want to omit a loop or 2 somewhere if you need to make it easier. This loop has all sorts of things you can do with it like ending with jhp,jhk xx reality stone>tag for some waking pressure or something.

I don’t use reality though so that’s theory.

Does almost exactly 5k with super. About 4K without if you end in a launcher into air combo.

Apologies to those who have posted, but I will be deleting this thread and allowing Paper to make the new one, since he DM’d me about it. I hope this discussion can carry on in the new thread.