For the purists out there



I wanna be the first to come out and say how funny it sounds when people say, with goukens new changes it will make ~ThEM better with him, good enough to main…?!
It shows how much people are attracted to an easy button. So yea I’m the one saying ,don’t pic him up as your new main. Or pic him up and come join us!!!
The second he came out I knew he was ~THE NEXT GENERATION of fighter! OG mainers my hats off to us all! Looks like they’re catching on. If you aint got game with him now,or aint trying to level up, new shits just gonna make the catchup game harder!:lame: :party:
This message WILL self destruct!!!



I hear ya takingflight.
I have mained him since I heard that he was in SF4. Bought it for PC and it was damn cool to be playing “Sheng Long”…
Capcom has given us some new toys to play with but it does not change who he is…He is still a freight train o hurt if you make a mistake.
For those that have stuck with the old man, I salute you…


If they hated him they never loved sf series. He is the triple OG sheng long…! Robjordan you brought up an exceLlent point!


“You must defeat me to stand a chance.” nuff said.

btw good to see familiar names in the Gouken threads. We Goukens are truly loyal bunch.



He IS the master :smiley:


As a new player (to SSF4, not fighting games) I can say that Gouken is pretty easy to pick up but extremely difficult to master. I have only just begun to get more consistent with the uses of all his normals, his optimal positioning and limited but devastating specials. I enjoy maining him as he is as much a reactionary character as I am a reactionary players. If he does achieve a new power status in AE, it will not make him putty in the hands of a bunch of scrubs (or tier whores) as anyone who has ever faced a good Abel, Akuma, Dhalsim or Guile as Gouken will attest.

Guess we won’t know til it’s out though right?


I have mained him since vanilla and it pisses me off to see people start using him only because he is getting buffed.

Gouken 4 lyfe!


i decided on gouken before i even got the game, lol. he’s a solid character and fun to play, plus, i dont see him enough in rotations on line. i like his game lore and relationship to akuma. good stuff good stuff