For the remainder of TvC tournaments in SoCal.... I AM BANNING GIANTS!


I’ll try to keep this simple and sweet. I’m not doing this because I lost to GCYoshi, one of the best PTX players in the US at SCR, or because I have a hard time against them, but players have been wanting me to be the voice that decides this once and for all, so I’m doing this for everyone else, not myself. Giants, while a legitimate part of TvC, are one of the sole reasons this game does not get the respect it deserves. Too often have I heard that giant battles bore people to death and playing up against them changes the game. Even high level players refuse to play against giants or have outright just surrendered to them. I always thought picking a counterpick team was the best way to go about it, but it doesn’t solve everything.

I want TvC to be remembered for being one of Capcom’s best endeavors and offerings to the Vs. series that almost never made it to the US. Giants are somewhat responsible for holding the game back and make the game look like something it shouldn’t. I want Tatsunoko vs. Capcom veterans who move onto MvC3 to go with the knowledge of taking down an entire team of characters using mix-ups, defense, offense and mind-games and whatnot, but I don’t want to have players struggle fighting against final boss battles using a team that has no hope of winning.


Edward “RoyalFlush” Valdez

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bout freaking time!!!


Too little, too late sah.

On a side note…you might want to check your spelling. ^^;




Banning them won’t do much in terms of building/maintaining a community for this game. You’re smart enough to know there are much more significant and irrevocable factors involved there.

Not that I’m particularly upset. Don’t really agree with it in principle but don’t care too much since I never liked to use them anyway.


How are me and Rotan going to do Lightan/PTX in a team tourney now. God damn it all!


Its okay. I told him I am keeping PTX in reserve for one shot only and he can’t refuse me.


Yes, I agree.

Royalflush has done the hard work of running tournaments and bringing his setups and knowledge, so he can make as many rules for his tourney as he wants. RF you didn’t even have to go so far to justify it, it would have been much better to be straightforward and say you want people to prove their worth with teams, not giants.

A community won’t be saved through banning giants. But I guess it does lessen counterpicking and make matches more flexible.


I’ve decided to elaborate on my response on this link. Please click it.

Here it is: My Response.


as flush has voiced his opinion i shall voice mine.

i entirely disagree with this opinion solely because they arent akuma. in that sense i mean everyone doesnt lose to them. yes they outright rape characters, but guess what? they get outright raped by characters too. and they have to deal with two? bs, imho. as small of a community that tvc had id say giants killed 00.0001% of it.

honestly, im saddened because i really was getting prepared to make travel plans to go to cali to play u guys, it looks like i just lost my reason to go down there. i can only hope and pray that giants will be legal in big regionals, as i will continue to enfore/back that wish up to any tourney organizer. i know down here giants will forever stay legal, unless proven to be so broken that NOBODY can beat them, which isnt gonna happen, yet we have zero winning every single major? zero/tblade should be banned, imho they are the broken ones. and i play tblade and i know how dumb he is.

and before anyone has anything retarded to say, i have the utmost respect for any of the cali scene, it just baffles me to no end on peoples opinions of very beatable characters. sure people get frustrated fighting them, how frustrating do you think it is for me when i play t hawk vs, 60% of the cast in ssf4? how frustrating do you think it is for me when i play tager against 70% of the cast in bbcs? yet i dont call for bans, thats just the way the game is and i grit my teeth and iron through it, imho, thats what people need to do against giants, just grit your teeth and iron through it. Learn the matchup, gay it out, run away, etc. do what you need to do to win, isnt that what ur supposed to do in a fighting game?

gc yoshi if you ever want to compete in tournaments using your best i suggest coming down here to ne im gonna attempt to make a scene down here.

this is my post and my dead honest opinion on the matter, even though i extremely disagree with the opinion and decision made by royal, i still highly respect his right to say it. oh and im well prepared for the retardation/moronic idiocy that will ensue to rage against my post.


Zero is next on the shitlist, don’t worry Bad Fish.


anyone wanna come down to my house for an all giant tournament? lol


I like fighting against giants and fighting as giants, but I don’t like fighting giant versus giant. So no, screw you, Kbeast.


Wait till tvc3 then rotan. 3 Giants vs. 7 in a team! Yeahhhhhh!


well he better be banned…and blade as well…if there banned for sure, with giants, then im fine…kinda sorta…although i think the ultimate way to play is no one banned if u must ban then yeah…still feeling hurt on the giant one lol


I am all for this =]


Lets ban Ryu too for kicks.


Dude Bad Fish learn to play other characters. Giants have bad match ups that are 50/50!! They are too strong and I am going to admit it, less skill too. See you at MVC 3 if you play.


i have never agreed to the gigants banning issue, but come on most of the reason are not enough, as i recall, the ones that boo the gigants fights werent the public but the tvc players itself so i dont see the problem, people struggle with gigants thats another one i disagree with, because i dont see people struggle with gigants i see people struggle with gcyoshi ptx, but i have never seen them struggle with lightan or another ptx outside of bad fish.

tronzilla i know you have a grunge against gigants but come on you clearly say gigants have bad match ups 50/50 so thats mean gold lightan have 50/50 chance of beating zero, tekkaman, blade, and saki, sure thing, i guess what you wanted to say is that ptx have 50/50 chance on bad match ups, which still ridiculous, blade, saki, zero, v.joe, tekkaman, casshan, and oriented gigants killer team still have the upper hand at those match is not that ptx thats overpower, is the fact that yoshi plays smart, and know how to deal with his bad match ups, an if i recall he was at the verge of lossing to keits in a major tournament cause keits knew what he was doing so i really dont see why people…no is best to say that tvc comunity hate gigants so much, its not the outside people but the comunity itself that hates gigants, or been more clearly ptx, but passing though that, is not over is it, royal is banning gigants for his tournaments, not for the entire socal region so dont get so desperate people theres other tournament chill out, is not like is the end of the world.

rotan, why ban zero, nobody know how to play him correctly as to ask for a ban, most people cant do basic relauch combos even at high level tournament an they over abuse his crossout teleport which i believe they dont know there is a key hole in which they can counter that, but i wont talk about that, at least not know XD, anyway, remember is just one person tournament dont take it so bad, there’s other tournaments



From the major tournaments I’ve been to, BOTH spectators and TvC players have made statements that they don’t find Giants an interesting/engaging match. I’ve talked to people who haven’t even played the game, and they’ve shared the same sentiment. It also compounds, as some people cite Giants as one reason they don’t want to pick up the game.

Giants are just part of one issue out of the many that TvC had to face with, and this is just one decision from Royal Flush-run tourneys (which is practically 80% of the SoCal tourneys here -_-;).

TvC players have contributed to aggravating the Giant issue, but it stands as is.

The painful part about fighting a Giant is that you can give the fight of your life, but make 2-3 mistakes and the match will be over. As opposed to fighting 2v2, where the match can last longer. In addition, thanks to Super Armor Giant’s negate a notable feature in TvC: MegaCrash.

And Oz, don’t pay no mind to Rotan, we just hate Zero in general =D.