For The SF3 3rd strikers


Shinakumas in 3rdstrike?

I am not overly familar with 3rd strike but I don’t believe I saw a parry in the first 2 rounds of that vid (all I watched) so I would asume its a pretty indepth mugen screenpack or something. Not to sure

no screen pack it was a hack that was released a while back when it became avail on the mame & nebula releases. primarily it was coding for the character that was released iirc. been a while but never got into doing it myself as I just wanted to see how well it ran on each emu @ the time.

good thing sf3 is on the psn…

Huh ?

Where at ?


He was being sarcastic because this thread has nothing to do with the playstation network.

I thought it was in the JPN network, lol.

:rofl:LOL. :rofl:

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