For those in the know (wondering about the PS2 Neo*Geo compilations online)

I probably already know the answer to this, but anyway. Recently SNK has released a few compilations for the PS2 (Gekka no Kenshi, Garou Densetsu, KoF) with some online mode. However, I’ve heard (don’t own them yet so can’t confirm) that they’re only meant for some BBS service in Japan. Has anybody here in the West tried signing up for that online service (if that is in fact how it works?) My guess is thats impossible if you’re not in Asia…

I’ve not heard of it working, and even if it did, I’d be surprised if the connection was good enough to play on.

nope, this has been discussed before in FGD

Ahh, thanks. Yea, I was assuming that would be the case. Well maybe next generation.

I wonder how competitively those games are still played over there, or if it was just a ‘filler’ feature.

The Last Blade ports were terrible anyway. Wouldn’t have been worth playing online.

Yea, I’ve heard this before. But honestly, if you don’t have a Neo*Geo (or a Dreamcast) aren’t they the best you can get? I’d be surprised if the PSX version is any good and supposedly the American Dreamcast one had lots of strange censorship.

What exactly is wrong with it anyway?

Sound sync problems, missing animations, and they actually slowed the game speed down which totally changes the timing on a lot of shit.

You’re better off just playing it on MAME32k.