For those of you that had hopes for the new Fantastic Four Reboot........have a seat

I’ll admit I knew little to nothing about the FF reboot. A small part of me wanted to be surprised about the movie, but mostly I was just scarred by the older Fox incarnations. But about 1 week ago, everyone’s hopes, no matter who you are, got the Old Yeller treatment.

Most people would agree the best part about FF is Dr Doom, one of the best baddies comics has ever made(yes, I am a fanboy).

Before we move on, here’s three quick videos of Dr Doom in a good incarnation of the character

A week ago, the person playing Doom, gave some insight into his character.

…yeah. To paraphrase. Dr Doom has gone from Megalomaniac in charge of his own country who regularly swipes godly power because fuck you he’s Doom…has been downgraded to anti-social blogger and hacker…and isn’t even named Victor Von Doom


It doesn’t help that they decided to go ‘lo-fi’ with this movie. A fantastic Four movie. A movie about a group who consistently travel space, time, dimensions and pretty much everything…and it’s a gritty realistic film…This is the Fantastic Four, not Batman.

This is compounded by pictures of his costume appearing online. It IS green-screen, so it may be fixed later, but regardless, brace yourself…


So I very highly doubt our favorite Foot Diving Fiend will be even remotely cool or enjoyable or even close to the mark. And if they can’t get the best parts of FF right…what chance does the movie really have.

I see this movie is doomed to fail.

I think you forgot something there…

How to make Doom godlike.

Give him an air dash in the movie and these combos:

looks shit

the end

Already a thread for new fantasstic fail.

I wonder what was going through the director’s mind when he thought to make FF a “Lo-Fi”, “Ultra-Realistic” film?

Was this supposed to be an origin movie, by the way?

This might make the previous movies look “good” in comparison. Why is he looking like a puddle of vomit came to life and took on a humanoid form? This shit is crazy, man. They have one of the greatest comic book villains of all time looking like a random Power Rangers monster that only showed up for exactly one episode.

Who has the rights to the Fantastic Four? I know Marvel doesn’t have them back yet, but I can’t remember if it’s Sony or Fox.

I give this thread two foot dives down.

Fox has them, Sony has Spiderman.

“reboot” is such an overused phrase.

So… there will be a CGI overlay over that muddy thing, right?


After reading the new origin story awesome CG would only be like putting a gourmet sauce on rotten meat.

I’m betting Marvel is allowing Fox to do this because they know it’ll suck and therefore end up making Fox want to revert the license back to them.

None of you were going to pay to see this anyway.

They had me until this shitty Doom news. I’ll give even shitty movies a chance but this is just too much.

I cannot for the life of me understand why fox and sony want to make bad comic book movies. The blueprint has been laid out for you for decades. Pick a story, pick some “good” actors to fit the roles, and make your villain badass. Done.

I guess for them theyre like, doesnt matter if its shitty, we can still make at least 300 million us with these movies. More for spiderman. I doubt this fantastic four will do any better then the previous ones. There is currently zero hype for it. Some people dont even know this shit exist, and is done filming. They clearly didnt wanna learn from their mistakes and do a proper fantastic four movie, with a bad ass doctor doom that would be talked about for years to come, it was so good.

The director/writer is the director from chronicle, and he has done nothing else besides that movie also, which is fine for a 29 year old, but from that to fantastic four is a bit of a leap, and if hes as pretentioius as max landis is about comic book stories (they both wrote, chronicle), then this is going to be a big pile of shit. I liked chronicle, but the fantastic four doesnt need ultra realistic, pretentious bullshit. It needs someone who wants to come in to a big budget film and do some authentic, comic book, badassary.

No one is gonna be peeping for this movie at all. They will still be high off of avengers age of ultron.

We miss you doom

If only it was Victor Von Doom that lie before me instead of you…

They turned Doctor Doom… into Doctroll N00b…