For those of you who have gotten a refun from lizardlick

How long did it take to appear in your bank account? I am seriously condering ordering from akihabara and was wondering the wait time.

My buttons on my SE stick are fucked up and I orderd from lizard licks on the 21st. Going by their history I still have about another 2 week wait so I think akihabara would be a better shot.

LOL you should blame yourself for cheaping out and buying the SE to begin with. LOL


To OP:

I got a refund immediately but I used my credit card. No clue with a bank account.

my bank had the money within two days. And it doesn’t depend on them, they do it the instant they read the email no questions asked. It depends on the bank, on how long they take to deposit it after LL refunds.

Took about 5 minutes for me. I bought from somewhere else a few minutes after I talked to LL on the phone with the same money.

Does this really warrant a new thread? Paypal refunds are instant when you pay with your balance, and with your bank, it’s however long your bank takes to process it, which is usually 2-5 days depending on your bank.

Attention whore.

STFU. You show me one place where I can find a decent arcade stick for a good price. You can’t because they are all priced up the ass right now.

And it’s his fault that you had to settle? Learn to prepare ahead of time. You won’t get far in life if you don’t.

I asked for a refund on my TE stick preorder and got it, I won’t tell you how long it took though because you started an entirely new thread for this.