For Those of You Who Have Trouble Wave Dashing Read

My friend asked me how he should improve his ability to do dash cancels in Marvel… I gave him a simple solution that I would like to share…keep in mind I do not play marvel seriously and this way may be extreme for some of you post 2009 people…

  1. Buy a metronome. If you have a smart phone almost all of them have a application for that. On my iPad I personally use Ludwig Metronome. If you don’t you can get one cheap for 5 dollars…
  2. Set it to a low BPM such as 60 or so.
  3. Divide the inputs sub divisions. For example, for a wave dash, you have L+M as your downbeat then Down as your upbeat… So you are sub dividing eighths.
  4. Gradually speed up the tempo. I personally say 10-20 reps in a row consistently says that you can do it at that speed.
  5. Repeat 4 until you get it at the desired speed you want it to be or when the game does not allow you to do it.

I feel that this way is the best to learn commands that don’t really require a strict timing, such as a wave dash. I am sure that the formula works for tri dashes as well or maybe even Morrigan fireball loops? I dunno. Try it

Report back let me know if this works for any of you.

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Would this help at all with backwards wave-dashing? That’s where I’m having trouble.

Hitbox made them cake

I don’t see why not. Try it out

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