For those of you who want to go blind (Viscant-related) - calm, thinking, about what? Cosplayers most likely - why hello there playful Jay :slight_smile: for the love of god DO NOT CLICK,

3rd one got me curious, but alas the link is broken =/


Pure comedy.

fixed 3rd link

Da fuck? :wasted:

That may be a blessing.

I’ve only been on SRk since last March…

This Viscant guy…is he a SRK legend or something? I remeber reading something about him and a sex toy. Why is he always associated with sex, gay situations and or cosplay?

These pics freaked me out…i’m watching Asia Carrera porn right now just to get pic #2 out my system

heterosexual edit*

i just saw the 3rd pic…

thats some gay shit

Don’t forget this one - Merry Christmas, Insom- hahahahahaha…

Since Hell isn’t actually a sub-forum here, I’m moving this to Image Mishmash.

I think there are two groups.

  1. People that are friends with Viscant. He is a well known player and he use to be a great poster. He doesn’t post much anymore though.

  2. Cockriders. X likes Viscant so they must like Viscant too.

Check this thread for some good Viscant SF posts.

just when i thought jay couldn’t get any gayer

oh for the love of…my fukn eyes…lol! sumbody post a link 2 this in GD for the love of god DO NOT CLICK,

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

well since we in IMM now

aww Jay thinks of Gau-Nessa

:frowning: you make srk sad with your post

Those pics made my dick bleed and my balls explode.

…kinda reminds me of myself when I take my shirt off :bluu:

PS: worst thread ever

hey, this stuff isn’t bad actually. we need to get the top tier players angry more often so they can spell stuff out like that. very informative.

ehhh thought he would be in boxers try again?

photochop yes pls?