For those players who always played SF on a gamepad and switched to a stick

For those players who always played SF on a gamepad and switched to a stick, was it an easy transition? How long did it take you to be as comfortable with a arcade stick as you were with the gamepad? And did any of you go back to the gamepad after trying the arcade stick, and if so, why?

I just want to get some opinions and experiences from other players about switching from gamepad to arcade stick, because I’m still thinking about it.

I used to play at the arcades a lot when I was a kid, so playing SF on the controller always felt kinda awkward for me. I eventually got good enough with it to do standing 360s on the pad(not the analog stick) and even Kara-SRKs in 3rd Strike, but stuff like charge partitions and more complex combos were out of the question.

So I got a stick(first a shitty ASCIIware stick, then an HRAP) and practiced my combos and whatnot. It took me a little while to get my execution down, but pulling them off took a lot faster than when I did them on the pad.

The only thing that really matters to people is the price. I wouldn’t recommend a stick to players who just wanna play casually and not care about leveling up their game, since the investment may not be worth it. For everyone else though, definitely a stick. A good quality one, too. Don’t just get suckered into buying some multi-console Pelican with a crappy joystick and having to learn soldering just to replace the buttons.

I switched to stick during November I think, could finally comfortably afford one. I have two now, adding another for my PS3 later. It wasn’t easy, even now I am not fully comfortable on it, but I am doing better on a stick than I ever could on pad. I can’t even really go back to pad now, just feels so wrong.

The time invested is worth it, you should make the switch man, it feels great when you start learning stuff on it and figure out it’s a hell of a lot easier to do than a pad would ever be. Plus joysticks got the style points.

Go for it man!

I’ve had my TE stick for 2 and half months now and you’d be surprised how quick you adjust after some regular practice. You hit execution stumbling blocks here and there but with a few drills it all starts to come together. I had never used a stick 2 months ago and now I’m chasing down that elusive SRK->FADC -> Ultra combo!

Take the plunge, you wont regret it.


see that happened to me but in that case its Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. i was used to playing in the arcades it game firsthand then when i came to consoles it was the pad, ten when the fightsticks came along the feeling of the stick to the cabinet came back, and i cant use the pad anymore.:bluu:

BUT: i tried with street fighter, and im better with the pad than the stick, the three button layout would confuse me and throw me off track, since with that you have to have quick reflexes, with the resets while watching your opponent its a bit difficult, for me:nono:. since i have a disability. and i told myself i woul give the stick a try for a couple of days on SSF4, but i dont like it ill stick with my Dualshock. hey even the best players can use pads.:tup:

I’m in the same boat. I never really “grew up” playing fighting games at the arcade and was always more of a home console gamer, so now that I’m seriously considering getting into the fighting game scene, I’m trying to weight the pros and cons of switching from pad to stick.

It’s gotten to where I haven’t been playing with my fightpad the last few weeks because I don’t want to get used to it any more than necessary before switching to a stick (when I’ll have to relearn everything anyway).

I had a similar concern less than a month ago. I’ve been using my stick for about 3 weeks now. I can’t say I’m better with the stick yet, but I’d say I’m about 90-95% there and there are already some things that I prefer the stick for. To quote my excellent gaming journal the day after I got my stick:
“I knew my execution would take a huge hit for a while until I got used to it. Well, I am actually quite surprised by the small amount it?s off. Don?t get me wrong, I?m a bit away from being up to par on it, but I?d say I?m playing at maybe 80% capacity right now, which is really not that bad.”

It takes some time, but it’s really not as bad as you’d think.

It’s been about 4 months since I switched. I was up in the air about it until I found a deal on a good stick, and I’m definitely glad I switched. It took me around 3-4 days to be able to play decently on it, but here I am 4 months later and I’m significantly better execution-wise than I ever was on a pad. I’d definitely say go for it and get a good stick. Just be ready to put some time into it and know that you’re gonna be ass with it for a little while.

Took me about a month to get truly comfortable with the stick. IE, the stick movement became the natural movement for me. I lost all ability to play on the pad.

took me about a month i played sf on a pad for years. since sf2 came out

Well I’m still a work in progress. I got my stick at the beginning of the month and I’m still much better on a pad. But I see the potential in the stick. I’m able to do combos that I just couldn’t do on a pad unless I just got lucky. I still have problems with fundamentals like moving and pressing the right buttons when I need to but I’m going to keep pushing until I get it. I’m excited to see how I progress in a few months.

Not to sound like I’m picking on you or anything, but name one combo that you recently did that you were never able to do on a pad. I’m curious.

I’d say Ryu’s f.hp, c.hp link is quite hard to pull off on pad if you’re just doing it by feel. I feel like this is one of those links that requires plinking and that’s very hard to do consistently without it. I can’t imagine plinking on a pad either, can’t say I’ve tried though :).

When I say that I’m not saying the pad is the problem, I’m saying using the stick with the advantages like p-linking allows me to do combos more consistently then I can do on pad. But namely 1 frame links like Ryu’s F+HP, cr. HP, SRK for example. I never finished Ryu’s hard trials because I couldn’t do trial #2 on a pad. After a few weeks of practicing on a stick, I nailed that trial in less then 2 minutes on a stick.

Other BnB Ryu combos like cr. LK, cr. LP, cr. HP, tatsu was something I actually never pulled off in a real match on pad while I’ve done it several times on stick. Again I’m not blaming the pad, just that stick made things easier for me. My execution may be better on stick, but I’m still far better on pad when it comes to wining and losing. So I have a long ways to go.

Took me about 6 months. However, I wasn’t playing hardcore, it was more of a casual switch. However, I switched cause of MvC2. If you wanna play top level at MvC2 you simply have to play on stick. Unless you wanna cheat and use OBD =P

I don’t know that there’s anything I can particularly add to the discussion, but since you’re asking for experiences, I’ll share mine.

For practical purposes, I started fighting games with KoF XI on a pad. I’m pretty sure I played until my fingers bled. I’m not sure what exactly possessed me to wanting to switch to stick, but I wanted to. Oddly enough, I didn’t even know SRK existed until I went researching the process of building my own stick.

I started out, like so many others, on a cheap as free arcade stick of crap. Still, I found it felt way better. Sure, it took a little while to adjust to executing with my wrist rather than my thumbs, but it wasn’t terribly difficult. In no time, I was actually playing better and executing what I wanted; my frequency of “ah crap… that’s not what I wanted” fell rapidly.

Eventually, for a couple of reasons, I sold the stick I poured time and money into crafting and went back to a fight pad. Sure, it works okay, but it just doesn’t feel right to me. So strong is the difference that I actually just purchased a Fightstick from Amazon yesterday.

I don’t regret the money I put into crafting my old stick. The time I put into transitioning from pad to stick was absolutely worth it. Going back to pad? That I regret.

Make the jump. I can’t quite explain it, but playing on a stick simply feels better.

Thanks all for the feedback and opinions. Just to let everyone know, I don’t use the “D-pad”, I use the analog stick, its like 10 times easier on the analog stick than a pad (especially charge characters) and so I stuck with the analog stick. Sure I win sometimes, and lose sometimes, but overall all I’m comfortable with it.

I wish I could borrow an arcade stick to try for a week or so lol

I thought I was the only one who did that. :lol: Sure, some SRK peepz were surprised at my execution in light of using stock 360 pad (and thumbstick at that), but I still definitely saw improvement after the switch.

As probably most people here already told you, just go for it. You won’t regret it. I transitioned a few months ago to stick after more than 17 years of playing on pad. It was hard and frustrating at first but I can say that after about 1-2 weeks I was already feeling more comfortable. Just stick with it and don’t “fall off the wagon”. Good luck!

I really hated playing SF4 on a pad so I try to find the Madcatz stick. I can’t afford the TE stick so I bought a SE stick. When I first plug it in my PS3, it felt awkward since I never played it on a stick except one time when this club I used to go had a Marvel vs. Capcom 1 arcade. My dad never gave me a lot of money, because I spend it on food. When I have some few extra money left, I spend it on it, but I sucked at it so I always lost the 1st battle.

When I got my SE stick, it took me a couple of days to get used to. My execution is much better. When on the pad, I always had problem on executing SRK motion and QCFx2 when I’m on 2P side. Now, I got a lot better at it.

I’m having this experience again when playing TvC and PS2 games because the SE stick is the only stick I have. If I can afford another stick, it’ll be for the Wii.