For those that can do the multiuppercut CC's... aka sakura

I dunno if this has been talked about before but…
Do you do one uppercut motion followed by a series of fireball motions since that still registers as can uppercut?
Or do you just do many many uppercuts?
Also how long did it take for you to get it down at least 80% of the time :slight_smile:

first of all you need perfext execution or nearly perfect there’s one mayor thing i cant do yet, standing 720 but thats being worked on :wink:

Anyway, just one shoryuken then just fireballs for me, try to find a way, keep practicing, i got it down in ONE WHOLE day, just sitting with my stick practicing,

and with getting it doen I mean GETTING it down…

It’s actually easier to do the dp + p, qcf + p method with Bison’s paint the fence than Sakura’s sho-sho CC. However, I wouldn’t recommend you doing that method with Bison’s CC, because if you do it you will notice you spend more time in startup of the move than actually hitting them, so you don’t really get the full 40+ hits that you should.
With Sak, I do dp + p, [qcf + p]*N, cause you need to do the motion faster than with Bison. Only problem is, if you slow down too much in getting the stick from f to d, you pop out a fireball, which can knock them up, thus reducing the overall effectiveness of your CC cause you have to juggle them. But yeah, I’m scrubby and that’s why I miss the CC sometimes. :confused: Unlike DooM, I don’t have that much time to practice. I still don’t have either down more than 30% of the time, and I’ve practiced for maybe an hour each sitting, for a week (not every day). So yeah, I think if you spend your time sensibly and try to get as much as you can done in one sitting, then that will be better…not like me, starting then stopping after one hour.
If you find it hard, you might try to do dp + p, [a normal move], dp + p etc.

gig4ls, I don’t know if you’ve checked your personal messages but your last post helped.

On topic, I’ve been practicing DP cc’s on and off for almost two weeks now and doing the single dp -> (qcf)n method with bison. So far I can get around 50+hits maybe half the time but doing that with sakura it hardly works at all for me. Recently though I tried to do constant dp motions with sakura and it’s been more effective for me. Also I tried using Iori and Kyo and doing constant dp’s with the dummy set to all guard for practice since you have to do theirs faster than saks.

you can do faster with sak, but you have to use dp+mp for her then…

and i do have time gigals :wink: its vacation and im going nowhere

I would like to add that Bison and Sakura are two different ppl and two different CCs, if you can do sakura’s it doesnt mean you can do Bison’s, I can do sakura pretty well *however I havent practiced her at all for the last 2 months, I guess Im gonna change my team, I was a RC-spamming foo’ with her anyway :stuck_out_tongue: But Bison is different, with sak there can be little faults in the CC, with Bison it’s one motion to many (db or uf) and you fucked it over, it needs to be done steady too or else the opponent can drop down, and I cant get his left side while I can with Sakura, I guess I go to much to uf I think :wink:

haha thanks =)
Well after one day i’ve stuck with 3 uppercuts, hk hurricane repeat lol…
Guess practice is key
Thanks for the advice:D

you can before it what lol. I’ve came from a TTT wave dashing backround so i just do dp over and over. no buffering. all you really need to do is hit up training mode and practice. And make sure you can do it on both sides.

I feel you on this one, I also came from TTT and the wave dash/ light dash help out a lot with bison/sukura cc.

That’s Tao’s A-groove Diet / Canadian Combo

took me 45min to an hour to learn uppercut ccs’ from the left… on the right? STILL CANT DO EM FOR SHIT. i only win on 1p side w/ a groove :open_mouth:

it’s cuz you suck.

you can’t handle the truth.

lol, i cant do shit on the right either. i barely practice now

its harder for me too, but i do both sides different:

when standing on the left shoshoing right:
one dp, qcf x N

when standing on the right shoshoing left:
one dp, [qcf, neutral] xN

I dont keep it pressed, i just let it go every time and make another qcf motion, hope it helps =)

I do the same except I’ll do full and individual DP’s when facing left. For some reason, I can do it on a super without problems, but comps really fuck me up.

what i do is actually individual dp’s too, becayse i always do my dp f, neutral, d, df, but with the shosho i just go from df to f and then the same thing again :wink:

just a question, how the heck do you do a standing 720?

not that this has anything to do with the thread (there is prolly one about this in the zangief section) but just whiff a move.

meaning throw out a standing jab that’s gonna miss, and then do the motion for 720 while ur character is stuck to the ground by the move.


but yeah, returning to sak’s custom, i used to be able to do the fierce version going towards the right, but now i can only spaz and do the mp version :confused:
going towards left, i tend to do individual uppercut motions, seems to come out better that way.

Standing 720 means not whiffing anything. To do it you just need fast hands. Make a small circle in the stick for the 1st one, and and do it again quickly.

LMAO at spazzing to do the fireball method. As long as you can still do it with mp, why care?

Gief is supposed to kara cancel a jab into 720 to the point where you don’t even see the jab come out. Personally, never tried seriously, don’t want to either. Apparently, ticking with then lvl 3 works WONDERS.

p.s. I’m craving some poutine, HARD!!