For those that ordered HRAPs from vgonetwork please post here if you received them


I know that there was a previous post about this topic but anyone that has or has not received their HRAP1s and 2s from the half that didn’t receive them post here (as of today) or send Harry Chang an email Harry did ask me to do him this favor and he deserves it. I for one got mine today and am very happy :pleased: . Harry Chang and the rest of the vgonetwork crew should be given props for dealing with this whole mess of the missing orders. Even though there were problems with this past shipment, they came through so please do consider from ordering in the future if you’re looking for a specific Hori product.

Not to sound redundant here but I think the least you all that ordered from vgonetwork should do is send Harry a thank you. I know I did because he went out of his way to call me back about my order when I called him.

One more thing for future orders I suggest those that order from them give either feedback or suggestions to them so that it will help them better serve the fighting game community in delivering imported Japanese gaming accesories at a reasonable price. This way it will help out vgonetwork’s reputation because I know the delay in receiving sticks hurt some buyer’s confidence. Kind of like the way they do it on ebay sort of. Otherwise the alternatives are the import stores which I know costs and arm and a leg for shipping.

I already received my Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 this past saturday and sent an Email to Harry informing him that I received it.He was very helpful and answered every single Email I sent him.They handled the situation with upmost professionalism and because of that I would most definetely order from VGO Network again.

Yea I got my hrap1 today also, but the stick didn’t work on the ps2. I tried playing isuka on it and soul caliber but it never worked. then I plugged in a soul caliber joystick and it worked. I didnt not have to force in the hrap controller or anything so i doubt i could’ve done any damage to it. I’ve only had it for 30 min and its already non functioning. Anyways thank you Vgonetwork, harry chang, for your very helpful customer service and help. I give you props for dealing with everyones emails and concerns about their sticks. I hope you can help me with my stick. thanks:sad:

I’ll do what I can to fix you up itsutsu. Its very very rare to have Hori stick arrive dead like how yours is. Can you make sure and test it in another system with other games? This way I can make my case with Hori a lot better than just saying its dead. Thanks for your help and questions.

okay, thanks CuellarEX for your help. I just tested it on a dreamcast with the innovation converter but it doesn’t work, but i plugged in a regular playstation controller into the adapter and it worked. Next i tried it on my pc with a radioshack adapter but still no luck. Then i tried a regular playstation controller and it worked. I looked at the pins (the part that goes into the controller port) on the hrap1 and it looks like one of them is sunk in pretty far in, but it is still visible. I dont think the stick is dead, im sure the buttons and joystick work fine. What i think is the problems is that the pins on the controller port on the hrap are damaged. I will get my hands on a camera so i can show you what i mean. Thanks again for your help and sorry for the trouble.

I just received mine today and I have to say I’m pretty happy with it. It’s in full functioning order, but my experience with Japanese sticks is nonexistant. I’ve spent most of my time on a pad, so there’s still a quite a bit of a learning curve. With the square gate in it right now I’m more comfortable with 3D games (namely Virtua Fighter 4) than Street Fighter (although KOF 2000 controls surprisingly well.) It’s pretty cool really, I actually feel more comfortable playing VF4 on the stick than my PS2 pad, and that’s only after an hour or two with it.

i got mine today. thanks guys.
USPS must have had an awfully harsh xmas season.

Glad to hear everyone got their sticks in. :slight_smile:

Harry, check your PMs!

do they only shup to US or is it worldwide[europe etc]

we could do worldwide the cost of shipping is a grip. Let me know if you still wanna do it.

it all would come down to shipping, liksang and play asia charge 60 $ for shipping to [ireland, dublin] which is alot.

still waiting for my hrap 1. emailed him couple times, sent message on vgo network, here, pm him here still no email of it being shipped…

sorry about tekneekz, I believe yours went out today. I’ll get you a track number tomorrow when I get the chance. Again my apologize to everyone for my delay. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so i’ll try to start replying as soon as I can.

got your msg cell thx and sorry, i can wait i mean its just i need my udpates :). and now for himura… my buttons… ball top…lol oh boy…

hey, just got my stick, and it works great! thnks to Harry and anyone else for keeping me up with the order and answering the tedious questions.

~ Michael Chan

dam lucky bastage lol im still waiting for mine.

Yeah, reeeeeeeeeal lucky. . .

I haven’t gotten any sort of e-mail regarding my HRAP, either.

Check your pms CellularEX.

Check your PM darks, your track number is in there…sorry about the delay, still recovering from a bad cold

Thanks pal, and get well soon.

I’ll keep you posted.