For those that own a PS3 HFS3

What are your custom button layouts for SF:II HD REMIX?

I leave the left 2 buttons blanked and just use the 3 over 3 setup. Nothing fancy.

BTW that stick suck IMO. It was good for Tekken 5 DR and charge moves on HD Remix, but for Shotos it sucks. I can’t wait to get the TE stick so Ican stop using it.


I don’t use it much anymore, because that joystick just plain sucks. I got a nice custom stick now. Much much better.

we configure the stick to make it not shit first (:

3 in a row.

I don’t have stock buttons, though.

I leave the right 2 blank

DPs definitely are inconsistent. I don’t have a problem with fireballs though

I use 3 in a row. Left to right: Up HP, MP, SP. Down: HK, MK, SK. Then I use UP 4th on the right HP again so I can combo Akuma’s super better. But the stick sucks for Shotos as dayday said, so I stopped using it.