For Those Wanting To Improve



Play SSF2 Turbo. It helps. A lot.

It’s essentially taught me more about footsies and fireball throwing (through my 3 months of playing) then SSF4 has taught me through me 1 year of playing. Whenever you are in mid range, you always feel the need to whiff jabs/shorts or not even attempt to throw fireballs at all. Reactions and antiairs are also required and are more strict in that game. Try it out and see if you can level up yourself! : p


ST is great for learning fundamentals, yeah. Except I wouldn’t say its too valuable in learning fireball spacing for IV. IV does not have the fireball-sweep traps, and fireballs in general are much less effective in IV. Its not the same. I’d say use ST for learning how to poke, anti-air, and properly space yourself. But its better to learn IV’s zoning rather than applying ST’s.