For those who already have a Driver License


    Im fitna take the knowledge test at the DMV but im not really worried about that part :sweat:! Im just askin, what are some tips for for a brotha thats taking the driving part. anything will help! get at me. Tips and tricks are great!

What kind of car have you been practicing on? I suggest a small car (corolla sized) and make sure it is automatic to keep things simple. Drive slowly, or at the speed limit. The guy who was testing me was grabbing the “oh shit” handles because I was going 22 mph in a 20 mph zone.

Yeah! I just went to court about that on the 11th.

Just do everything by the book, no matter what. No dinking around just do it all by the book. If anything be a little cautious. But don’t go crazy cause I was started braking about 20ft. to early in my test the whole time and that was my only deduction. Just do it all as by the book as you can, don’t be nervous and you’ll do fine.

Use or borrow a car with automatic. It doesn’t matter which you drive for real, but it’s easier to pass on automatic of course.

Yea I’ve been practicing driving on the piece of shit that I have… but Ridin Dirty…

And I think it was like Saturday I told Kenny that I needed to get my “L’s”…

Till I almost hit a car lol…

but yea like Preppy said its doesnt matter which you drive… as long as your confortable…

make a full and complete stop at each stop sign or red light. They will repeat dock you every time you don’t make a complete stop, you can lose like 15% of your grade just on that.

Just don’t be an idiot, and you should pass just fine

seriously, I have no idea how people fail that thing

my friend’s sister auto-failed because she turned into oncoming traffic, so don’t do that

oh, and pretend to adjust your mirrors once the instructor is in the car, even if they are fine :smiley:

during the written test (assuming it’s on a computer) If you get stumped on a quesiton by all means skip that ass and move on! From when i took the test all you had to do was get a certain amount right then the test was over, same if you get a certain amount wrong…the test is over. so it’s better to pass on ones you’re not too sure about and then just try to get the rest right so you don’t have to go back to it.

Also be sure to pay attention to where you’re at for the driving part. I got knocked down for not parking on a hill correctly (the hill in question was a non noticable incline on 72nd street. I didn’t consider it an incline so i didn’t park accordingly). And when backing out of an alley, stop before the sidewalk and look for kids, then stop before entering the road, and look for cars…those are the only 2 that i fucked up on…R.I.P lil kids. :frowning:

It’s pretty easy, you got this Jetay. It was way too easy for me, one of my family friends worked at the DMV I went to and she helped me with the random questions that I forgot how to answer. But when I went out on the drive it was nasty because I was with this angry Mexican guy and he made me turn back after I ran a yellow light. I wanted to sock him upside his head. Then the next time I went I passed with flying colors, only failed the parallel parking part heh.

Okay maybe i should have read Frank’s part before i took this part b/c i didnt pass.

THey asked me this random ass questions like how many ft past the back tire can your truck be? What kind of shit is that! BTW: the answer is 3

In dust or heavy fog what you should you do: I said turn on your highbeams and procedd slowly… apparently you never use your highbeams b/c it says to use your normal headlights!!! WTF is the purpose of the fog lights for then!!!

Damn i wish i did this when i was 16 like everyone else… Im gonna study and try again tommarrow.

I have been driving my homegirl’s Saturn, but I BARELY fit in it. Ill upload a pic when i get b/c she was laughing hard when she saw me tryen to get in and had to take a pic!!! Jerk…

Also: i find it hard, to only use 1 foot while driving. In case any of you dont know, I have big ass feet. 18’s to be exact!i swear my foot is maybe a inch away from the brake when it is on the gas… so i just use my other foot instead of risking hitting both at the same time… but people have been stressing me about just using one. what do yall think? Other then that i fail at Life :sad:…

The reason you are supposed to use one foot is so that you don’t accidentally hit both brake and accellerator. I would strongly suggest using one foot, even if your foot is big. In times of an accident you won’t have time to think and your instincts will kick in. If you’ve trained yourself to use one foot you will automatically lift your foot off the gas and slam on the brake. If your body is used to two feet you will just slam on the brake while leaving the other foot on gas, and you will lose control, and have a much higher chance of an accident.

High beams in fog decrease visibility.

What you should do in that case is close your eyes and step on the accelerator.

Was that an option?

Just be glad they don’t count what happens before you arrive at the test. When I went to go do my driver’s test, I was manuevering around the parking lot of the DMV and, at one turn, accidentally hit gas instead of brakes. Sped up for about 3 feet then rammed into a metal pole. Van still worked fine for the actual test (though it turned out I broke something in the steering and we had to replace the van a couple weeks later), and I got my license that day. Which also marks the last time I drove; I only needed to license to get a passport to leave the country with.

Don’t you just get a driver’s license past a certain age?

I really can’t tell if you’re serious. :confused:

And Jetay, I think highbeams are for late at night when there are no cars around and no lights. Using them in fog will just project the light onto the fog, making it harder to see. It’s kind of like how the batman spotlight is projected onto clouds. Then again, I’ve only got my permit, so maybe I’m not the one to be listening to.

I swear I heard something like that somewhere.

Be relaxed and don’t speed. As long as you don’t scare the person giving you the test you should be fine. You can blow all the manuevers and still get a passing score.

As far as highbeams and fog are concerned, it is becuase the fog “reflects” more light back at you. That way you can see more fog and less what’s behind it. You can kinda understand the thought behind this by fogging up a mirror at home @ night. If you fog the window and turn the lights on you see fog on the window, turn the lights off and you’ll be able to see through the fogged window better.

Light is pretty toptier…


I passed the Knowledge test. But my problem now is i cant take my driving test untill sometime in october, which really is gonna fuck me b/c im going after this job that will do alot for me. but its gonna make me look bad if i keep stalling without my License’s! Fuck the Oregon DMV!