For those who have ordered a mounting plate from Lizard Lick

Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone has ordered a mounting plate from Lizard Lick for an arcade stick. The reason I asked is because I’m modding my SF4 SE Fightstick and I was trying to remove the damn mounting plate so I could swap out the stick with a Sanwa one that I bought from, but it didn’t come preinstalled with a mounting plate. So, I had to remove the one that came with the stick be default, but was only able to get one of the darn screws out, and stripped the other 3. I swear those damn screws were fused with that damn plate, lol. Anyway, so I was looking on Lizard Lick and found some plates, but they don’t mention if they come with the necessary screws. I emailed them about it, but haven’t received a reply yet. So, thought I’d see if anyone here has ever bought one from them. I’d assume that they do, but just want to make sure before buying one. Thanks for any help on this!

When I got my Sanwa stick it came pre-assembled with the necessary screws, but I’ve never ordered just a mounting plate from them.

I bet if you figure out what size screw it is you could easily find something that works in your local hardware store though.

It uses M3 screws and nuts. Send me a PM and I will send you some for free ;).

^ If you are the owner of that shop then KUDOS to you! My next order will be from you sir.

Real Neo Geo…was gonna PM you but since I only have one post under my belt, it won’t let me. Lol.

send e-mail:

Hey Neo Geo, just sent an email now. Thanks for your help, by the way.