For those who have this book

Would you recommend it to Street Fighter art fans, or SF fans in general? I’m asking because I never heard back from the person who submitted the review provided. Anyone?

Weird, I’ve never ever heard of that before.

Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge is definitely worth the $25-30 if you can find it. I got mine on Amazon. Lots of stuff in there that I’d never seen before… crazy phone cards from Japan and pictures of Ryu washing his clothes in a laundromat. @.@

Eternal’s nice for art and I have it already, but I was wondering more for the artbook above, with Yoshizaki Mine’s artwork.

I don’t know if it has much relevance to Street Fighter, but I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it. From some previews I’ve seen, she does a nice series of pieces with girls dressed in costumes based on game consoles. I can’t even find scans of this book!

From what I can tell, like most Gamest Mooks, this one is out of print and kinda hard to find. Places that I’ve seen selling it have a price range between $40-80, but are out of stock of it anyway…

That’s how I feel also. I like her style(she loves video games and it shows) and I have a SFZ doujin of hers, I just want to know if this book’ll move up on my priority list with its SF content.