For those who look for New TE fighstick in Canada


My old stick (qanba broke) and I’m looking desperately for a new stick in Canada. New TE stick are super hard to find in Canada. (Well I can’t find ANY new $150+ TE fightstick in my area *BC) Most TE sticks are sold out and is now selling for $200+ on site like ebay. -.- And duty and shipping from USA is sucks big time.

MVC 3 TE limited edition from $179 and is free shipping when I brought mine

The PS3 edition is sold out.
The shipping from ebgame is super fast and ***FREE (Dec 9 -24 ONLY) . It will cost 30-50 if shipping from USA to canada (and duty on top)

I thought this is a really good deal for Canadian, so thought I should share, mine is #4459 out of 5000…


have you considered letting qanba or your supplier sending spare parts to repair your stick?

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You can get a TE-S directly from MadCatz/Gameshark for $179.24, after taxes and shipping.


damn that’s even cheaper T.T shoulda gotten that


My dog tip over a glass of orange juice on it, I try to use 100% alcohol to clean it and let it dry, it’s a real mess T.T