For those with both ps3 and xbox versions


Do you guys see any differences between the two?

Games certainly do sound better and colors don’t look as bland on the Xbox as they do on ps3. The sound quality between ssfiv and even blackops is considerably better on the Xbox. But what about 3Soe?? I’m still debating on whether on whether or not i should just stick with the ps3 version or get both.

I’ve read that the YouTube video uploads aren’t as clean as the ps3’s, however if I’m wrong please correct me. Connections with the Xbox is -IMO far more superior than ps3 usually is. Do you feel the same with this game?


Seriously why do people need to keep beating this subject to death over and over. Do some reading in other threads and you’ll find out that they’re exactly the same.


no differences that I could tell


Uploading game replays is not the same at the moment.

Xbox version only allows uploads to the central server. PS3 allows uploads to your own account as well as the central server. PS3 wins that aspect if it’s important to you.


Thanks for that dude. It seems like there’s a bigger community for the ps3 version so i guess ill stick to one.


boo xbox. yay ps3