For those with custom built sticks - does it have to have an angled top?



I’m pretty close to starting my first home made arcade stick and wondered if the angled top is all that necessary?

I’ve noticed that many of you who have made custom sticks have used a flat topped box - do you find that effects the controlling the stick?




It’s really a matter of personal taste.

I myself play on slight angeld or flat sticks.

Steep angeled i think is unconfy


It’s all personal preference. I’ve built flat top and angled sticks, but prefer to use the one that’s angled.


Slight slope is just comfortable for the wrist. Flat surfaces can cut into the wrist which is why you see a lot of people use those cushy little foam pads on their mice and keyboards at work. For short play, a flat surface works fine, but there is a reason most (if not all?) arcade cabinets have a sloped surface for their control decks.


For lap play I’d say flat works better, if the stick is sitting on a flat surface then angled.


I prefer an angled stick. Something between 5 - 10 degrees is good.


It’s true that arcade cabs have angled tops but anthropometrically speaking you tend to stand at an arcade cab which is why they are angled. However playing with a stick on your lap is totally different.

Anyway I understand the ergonomic requirements I was more interested in people who have made flat topped sticks and if they miss the angled top or if it makes a difference to how they play.




That’s what I figured - infact recently I was using a pair of Virtua Sticks (slightly angled) to play Zero2 on the Saturn and my game improved dramatically when I put them on a table top!

Basically for making my first stick - using an existing wooden box is going to be easier than making my own. Most off the shelf wooden boxes are flat tops and if they are not then I’ll have to be extra careful when drilling the holes to get them in at 90degreees to the surface!