For Tourney organizers: Pause button


note: I did a few searches here and there and did not see a topic about it, if there already is one I apologize.

So incase it hasnt been seen yet theres an option in SFxT to make pauses happen on VS only when you hold the pause button, which would help out those rare moments when an accidental pause is pressed ( and unfortunately reduce the drama ;). )

Its on Options -> Screen Settings -> Change “Pause Menu” to “Long Press” if someone is wondering.


i think you just saved so many stick owners that dont have a start button on dont side.



I remember reading about them including such an option somewhere but completely forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder!


Thanks for the post, I completely forgot that this was in the game.


Button config is also available at the character select screen by pressing start.


More developers should be stealing ideas from Skullgirls. :tup:


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The developers said that they wanted to see other companies adopt their ideas.

And it’s a damn good idea.


In all seriousness, the idea had been floating around SRK for at years. If you wrote “tournament pause” in a features-we-want thread, most people would know what you meant. Apparently somebody shouted it at Mike Z during his discussion panel at Evo last year, and he immediately said he would put it in the game. I know that David Sirlin specifically wanted to put it in HD Remix, but was unable to do so due to some sort of (Sony and/or Microsoft) regulatory standards that existed at the time (2008) governing how the start button could be used. I guess the restrictions have changed since then.

Anyway this is awesome. :angel:


No no, it was Mr. X who suggested it in the original Skullgirls thread.
He also told Seth Killian that they should do it too, after Mike told him he implemented it the very same day it was suggested.