For TRADE: HRAP3 (modded)

i have an hrap 3 modded with all sanwa parts. it has a Sanwa stick (JLF-TM-8T-SK w/clear bubble top) and 6 Sanwa screw-in buttons (OBSN-30 white). the L1 and L2 have been covered up with Sanwa button plugs. it’s also modded with a Sony PS1 digital pad instead of the HRAP3 pcb, so you can play it on the PS2 (or on the PS3 with the right adaptors). i can also mod it back to the Hori HRAP3 pcb. buyer’s choice. i am looking for an HRAP1 w/mirror top. i can also let it go for $$. PM me if you’re interested in this stick. i will take pics later.

any pics?