For Trade: Sanwa modded Hori EX2

I just got done with this project and was wondering if anyone was wanting this stick?

Sanwa Snap in buttons and cherry microswitches with a Seimitsu LSS spring on the stick.

I’ll get pictures up in a little bit.

Buttons arrived today and everything is brand new.

how much?

yea, if the price is right, a handful of stick degenerates will add it to their collections, on the other hand, if its a nice set up, and the buttons and such look good (colors and stuff) you might get a more serious offer.

Pics always help!

Shitty phone camera to the rescue.

Give me a little while to set on a price.

I’ll also accept trades for other sticks.

Minus the artwork. I have a friend looking for a 360 stick and i LOVE the Fighting stick layout. price?!?1

EDIT: I don’t really know how to price this because I can’t find any other examples of a custom Hori EX2 so just PM me your offers and I’ll seriously look over them.

I’m mostly looking for a trade for another stick.

If no one has anything to offer me to trade then I will just sell it but I am looking for another stick.

Just a 360 stick with sanwa parts.