For you Nor Cal people: The Pharcyde - Free Show @ Mighty!

The Pharcyde - Free Show @ Mighty!!!
Friday August 10th, 2007

The Pharcyde - Free @ MIGHTY!!!
w/ Romanowski
Lower Haters

Please RSVP to the following link:…ecific_thread=1

Doors @ 10pm

MIGHTY | 21+
119 Utah @ 15th
San Francisco, CA 94103

i’ll have to get there early. Thanks!

Wow. Wowowowowow. I wish I lived in Cali now.

wow, why does this happen after I move from the bay. oh well I better let my friends in the bay know about it.

God damnit. Why do I gotta be in the A?

She keeps on passin’ me by…

Ill be there.

Damn, I love the Pharcyde. If you or anyone else goes to this show, please be sure to post pics for those that can’t.


unfortunate that everything always goes down in cali and i live out in the middle of fucking nowhere.


Is that Fatlip dood gona sing the Salmon dance off of the Chemical Brother’s new CD? lol song is so tight.

I’m in bitches.

Cranks Dat Soulja Boy

There is also the very same show being thrown at the Buddah Lounge up in Mountain View cali.

251 Castro Street, Mountain View California 94041

On Thursday, August 9th, CDLC & Buddha Lounge takes it back old school! This is real hip hop.