For you Ryu mains, who else do you like to play as?

I’ve been maining Ryu for like a month now. I started out with Akuma and practicing all sorts of combos and setups in training mode to just get my ass kicked. Started using Ryu and find that I’m learning my downfalls and how to properly play. Though I still get my ass handed to me regularly and tend to still mash out DP’s LOL.

I’m wondering who would be a fun character to try that would be as well rounded as Ryu? I will play Ken and Sakura with my friends often just to mess around. I was thinking of trying Cody, Ibuki, or Adon but not sure who to try out. I’d like to try a character where I wouldn’t rely so much on my projectile like I do with Ryu.

You should of posted this in the Ryu character subforum really buddy.

I played Ryu all throughout vanilla. I switched to Seth in Super for awhile, because his big toolset (not penis) intrigued me. Finally, I picked up Akuma and he is definitely my best character now. He has the best toolset (not penis), in my opinion, and a bit more health than Seth. I find him to be the most comfortable to play with (not penis) in the end, since I was so used to Ryu. I also play Honda as a secondary.


The newbie section is not a place to post whatever you feel like, which is the hunch im getting lately.

Anyway, after reading this line: “practicing all sorts of combos and setups in training mode to just get my ass kicked.”

I just want to point out that this game, and every 2d sf game are not about combos. You need to focus on zoning and footsies. Combos are just added damage to punishes (usually)

Im not saying disregard them either, im just pointing out that they are not the focus point of the game.

If youve only been playing about a month, then you really arent in a position to considering an alt. At least not if youre trying to get good at the game.

I endorse this message.

If you have only been playing a month stick to Ryu abnd STFU. I play Ryu Cause I find playing with anyone else boring as shit. And I just love the feel of ryus powerful dificult 2frm combos and the feel of landing them nice and clean after a punish is presented.

Not another “choose my character for me” thread again…pick a character that doesn’t use projectiles?

Just a hunch?

Oops sorry guys.