For you SNK fans

My boy said I could post this on here since it has something to do with fighting games.

I told him to do a Karate one but he doesn’t like Ryu…he’s gay like that. :rofl:

so who drew this, you or your son? its really nice, i like it…im glad to see kof art again cause there hasnt been any for awhile in this forum

He drew it. He might do more.

can i pay ur son to do artwork for me? lol

Dudes got talent! :tup:

HAHAHA I love it. I never felt more proud to be Korean. Sweet drawing.

Ok, when I say my “boy” I mean my best friend. It’s slang people. :lol: But yeah he got skills! I’ve seen him draw some things in his own interpretation like Jungle Julia from Death Proof.


I figured you meant something like your friend cuz you put “He’s gay like that.” LoL. Be pretty damn funny if someone said that about their own son though.

His gallery has some impressive works too…alot of uh…furries. But in any case, :tup:


Yeah he is gay like that. :LOL: hating on Ryu because I would always beat his Ken with him. He’s actually a Terry Bogard fan. So the beatdows carried over into CVS1 & 2. LOL!!!

um…have your friend post his art. its kinda bs to post someone else’s art.

^ if he has his friend’s permission & isn’t claiming it as his own, I don’t see what’s wrong with it.
chill :slight_smile:

Ah… this is the same guy who drew that ninja vs. pirates piece with Mai and Kasumi (DOA) vs. May (GGXX).


Fred Perry’s style comes to mind.

yep, that’s him. :lol: He’s thinking of joining SRK to show off his artwork because I told hom most of the people on SRK don’t go to Deviant Art.

i guess i more mean it seems weird, because if someone wants to give advice or ask questions about process its kinda dumb going through a middle man.

^ just post the crit / comments on the dA page. problem solved :slight_smile: