Forbidden Shoryuken



2012 Version is very good and is very useful vs certain fighters does anyone else makes use of this?

For ex vs yun after a blocked shoulder you get a free super

Blocked and punish:

Dudley machine blows, dash punches, back dash blow and f.fp…

Makotos dash punches and chops

F long. Rekka ken even blocking the first part of string…

Viper. Any of her dash punches

Dj max kicks any version

Sakura hur kicks the med and hard version only hehe


in super I never used it more than 10 times total online, but now since Ive been kara-ing it , it is very deceptive.

Also regarding gates for stick users , which do you prefer? I recently switched to an octagonal gate and my timing is off because the “throw” area is slightly smaller.

I had ALOT more fun without a gate …I may switch to circle next.

Yo add me ninja : TAKIN FLIGHT. Its hard to find Gmen still into labbing it up these days.


Ok I added

Forbidden is useful bc of its start up time and range… You can forbidden after blocking a lot of specials that Gouken can never punish…


Yea, I should start using this more. I’ve only used it to anti air scrubs to finish a match.

I see a lot of potential in this super in certain matchups. Right now I’m looking at completely revamping the DJ matchup to revolve around this super. Maybe Guy as well but to a lesser extent.


Dude vs dj once u have forbidden any blocked max kick is punishable…


Some more:

Ken: Blocked step kick
Sakura: one of her tatsu’s on block, I forget which
Boxer: Dash Light Straight
There is tons of stuff, its a 3f move but it can punish a surprising volume of -2 stuff.

The ability to link it after close MK is fun


Blocked hur kicks from Dan except short version

Adon ex jag kick and air jag kicks

Ibuki spin kicks

Abel’s flip kicks

Sakura its her med and rh hur kicks

ONI slashes and that slamming fist move

E ryu axe kick

Rose dash punches

Gief st rh

Guy jab shoulder only

Vega c. Mp thank god lol

The list goes on and has helped my game


oh and Makotos axe kick! Lol if u have forbidden she can’t do any specials to pressure you


Yes, the super is a great upgrade…but it is once per match maybe. I burn meter and I’m not afraid to admit it. EX flips and EX palms, EX tatsus, FADCs…whatever I need to maintain pressure. If I take the turtle route, then the g-man’s super does play more into the formula…and yes, it is great vs. DeeJay


Was testing on a dud player last night once I had super I would catch him after a blocked f.fp… After landing it a couple of times the dud player had to change his style which gave me an advantage…


it doesn’t work against Guy’s jab-shoulder.

maybe there’s a bug with the Xbox or PS3 version, that would explain why it works against -2 moves?

it doesn’t work against Guy’s jab-shoulder on PC


I’ll retest later and it doesn’t work on vipers standing dash punch only crouching…

Fought a 4kpp iBuki and got her on blocked spin kicks…


I think it hits -2 bc of the super start up flash, just a guess. And it can turn the tide of a match vs Akuma vs those df palms…


This thread is amazing.

Also, don’t forget that everytime you see the words “counter-hit” pop-up out of st. mp(both far and close), st. hp(both far and close) st. hk(far specially) you have about 3-4 frames to input super and get some good damage.


can also be linked off of far mk, and esp with kara and slide kara!


Show me this.


With st mp far and close it doesn’t have to be a counter hit…


true, you have like years to hit confirm…


The one thing I tell everyone about Gouken’s super in 2012, when asked, is the following:

When I have super, my greatest weakness no longer exists; the lack of a three frame SRK.

Everyone who plays Gouken should think long and hard about this concept. A shoto-killing shoto receives a true, 3 frame dragon punch the instant he gets four bars. I can cancel into it from any cancellable normal. Not only could I not be safe jumped because of counter (granted opponent must attack) but if I hit it full, it nets me approximately 400 damage. I can react safely to jump ins in the same manner I would as Ryu, or any other character with a true SRK.

Super is godlike in so many different ways it’s unreal. Just having it during high-level play scares a lot of people. You can fireball, and in the same manner you’d knock someone out of the sky with crouch fierce, or counter or block, or ex tatsu because you have amazing recovery, you can now DP. It buffs Gouken so much.

The best part about it is that no one really knows, or remembers during a match that it’s a true SRK. Punish with it as you would Ryu.


Also lets not forget that j.rh>>super(500?) and far mk>hp.super(450?) are great staple uses of this move.