Forced Tech-Rolls


I haven’t seen this talked about, so I’m just going to ramble on about it for a moment.

A forced tech roll is what you think it is. It’s when you force your opponent to tech-roll backwards. Doing this prevents the opponent from teching straight up or forward and allows you to set up consistent follow-ups because you know how the opponent will recover from knockdown.

The general rule with forced techs is that they happen when your opponent’s hit by a C aerial. A 2-hit chain, such as j.B, j.C will cause a forced tech, but a 3-hit chain or more will cause a “fly-screen” knockdown that the opponent can follow-up with a back or forward tech-roll, or a neutral tech. Certain characters cannot cause forced techs or “fly-screen” due to the properties of their j.C’s (such as Saki and Megaman).

There are exceptions to the 2-hit limit, however. A relaunch is one example. Everytime you launch your opponent you “refresh” this 2-hit limit. Therefore characters with relaunch combos, like Chun or Y-1, could perform varied numbers of jumping attacks before their relaunch, after which the 2-hit limit is re-instilled and you can then perform a forced tech-roll knockdown.

Other exceptions are properties placed on certain moves. Y-1, for example, can follow a launch with a sj.B xx 623C, 6239C, air-dash sj.C. This will cause a forced tech-roll because Y-1’s 623 special doesn’t count towards this 2-hit limit. However, certain special moves do. If Joe the Condor was to perform a launch, into a sj.B xx A shuriken, air-dash sj.C, the opponent would fall w/ a “fly-screen” knockdown.

Another interesting thing about forced-tech rolls is that the opponent is still susceptible to OTG moves while they’re rolling backwards, meaning a Y-1 could follow up a forced tech with a comboable OTG super, even though the opponent looks like they’re recovering.

The reason you’d want to force a tech-roll is that you control where the opponent goes after your combo and you can pursue and pressure the opponent as you see fit. Some cases of forced tech-rolls, such as forcing a tech-roll in the corner, allows for ambiguous cross-up situations as well.

The downside to forced techs, however, is that you can’t perform any more then 2-hits after a launch, limiting your damage.

That’s all I really have to say about forced techs, it’s just something I haven’t seen discussed to any real extent and I randomly felt like discussing it.


Cool. I wasn’t totally sure why this worked out like this, but I tested it a bit more, and it looks like you’re right. There’s one thing you forgot though, which is that air dashing resets the count. A lot of characters can do like j.a j.b, jump, air dash, j.C and if you do it fast enough to combo, the opponent will be forced into a backwards roll. Since you also have momentum going forwards and down rather than up, this also keeps you right in their face, useful for characters who like to be there.


Yeah, I actually set-up most of my forced-tech via 3C^ sj.B, j.air-dash C, I just forgot to mention it. I’m not having success resetting the count with air-dash though. (i.e. I can’t do ‘j.a j.b, jump, air dash, j.C’ and get a forced tech, I can if I omit the j.a though)


So can we chalk this up as a universal rule? So do some special moves that don’t cause FS (like Roll’s uncharged swing) also caused forced tech-rolls?


Another case to add to the list is a combo ending with double jump + C. You can usually guarantee it with this (this was a major part of Karas’ game in CGoH).


So essentially you can actually “combo” Frank’s Grand Slam?


I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking.

As far as forced techs are concerned Frank’s aerial grand slam counts against the 2-hit limit, and you need to use Baroque to combo out of the A/B versions, and good-luck comboing into the C version.


Like Zach I am unable to reset the 2 hit count with double air dash combo.

Interesting little article. I discovered this on my own but did not know the opponent can still get otg’d. Good shit Zach.


Something I forgot. Certain special moves carry the same properties as j.C’s, i.e. certain special attacks cause forced techs or fly-screen (abides the 2-hit rule). Example: Zero’s (in air) 236+B.


I remember this was a big part of Morrigan’s mixups during CGoH because it would put you right next them on knockdown, and you didn’t have to guess which direction they would roll.


Thanks for the write-up, Zach.

They nerfed this aspect of Morrigan in UAS, unfortunately.

Here’s a video from your mother’s youtube channel showing this technique in CGoH:

Notice how Morrigan lands right beside the opponent as they’re getting up and gets another mixup.

In UAS, however, if I do this technique with Morrigan (3C ^ late j.B dj airdash dj.C) at midscreen, two things happen:

  1. the opponent and I end up flying much higher in the air compared to CGoH, and as a result,
  2. after j.C, I end up landing a full screen away from my opponent.

Consequently, I only use this technique in the corner, where it still works great.


Yes her corner game is very good. Yeah despite what they nerfed she is still a really good character. I also like if an opponent is blocking dash whiff C low on ground to command grab. Her mix ups are still good! Morrigan has great pressure still if she can be above an opponent.


This is really interesting information, so thanks.

(Goes to training mode to incorporate into Morrigan gameplay)


This vid just totally hit me right now.

potential inf with unblockable resets?


I’m pretty sure that’s the idea. But what if the opponent pushblocks polimar’s kick and then superjumps? An invincible move like a super could also get you out.


That video isn’t working for me II.nd. I became a member so I will be able to watch it.

Video works now. It definitely looks like it can be push blocked and you would probably only get hit by the unblockable without getting combo’d.